When you let go of the fear, forget the people whispering negativity in your ears and you just learn to love you and life right now. You will find freedom and in that happiness. When I look back at my younger years or 12 I would have never imagined my life right now.. But my main point is do not limit your thinking. Body image is a huge part of life, big confidence factor. The more you just love you for you the more you’ll put good food in your body, eat well. Love your body and work it. Don’t get paranoid. Over think. Love your skin. It’s honestly the times when I just watch what I eat but still enjoy eating that the weight drops off fast. Be happy with yourself. Self confidence is everything. Be fearless. Don’t be afraid to be you. No such thing as perfect. The numbers on the scale may change but don’t let it change you. Always shine your light.