A page of the Quran written by a Muslim slave in America, Ayub bin Sulayman, in the 1700s. He was originally from Senegal but was captured and forced to work in Maryland. He eventually escaped slavery and went on to live in England.
This page shows the beginning of Surat al-Ma'idah.

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(was asked to resend this) So I'm an adult US citizen and I've always had this dream to eventually move to either England or Scotland. I'm pro dx ASD and ADHD (among other things). Are there any laws/rights/protections regarding autistic or otherwise disabled people in the UK? I'm feeling less and less safe and accepted here in 'Murrica and would really love to Escape!!


Sorry it has taken us so long to get to your ask! We had been waiting for our mod from the UK to answer it, but they aren’t available to. The following are some resources about autism/disability law in the UK. 


The Autism Act (2009):

Advocacy Resources 



Goddards House by Tony