So here's some things I love about each member

Jiyong: always gives 1000% to everything he does. He ALWAYS puts his members first. Genuinely loves and supports all their solo endeavours. Makes sure everyone is recognised.

Youngbae: keeps them all grounded. Brings his A game to every performance. Doesn’t settle for less when it comes to their songs. Constantly trying to do better.

Seungri: never gives up. He’ll try anything once. If you tell him he can’t do something he’ll prove you wrong in a matter of MONTHS. Is constantly trying to better himself. Constantly giving you reasons to love and support him. Tries his DAMNEDEST to be someone worthy of his fans. Puts his hyungs first.

Daesung: sacrifices everything for us. Won’t even get throat surgery so he can keep performing. Doesn’t let it stop him he just keeps singing in order to reach us. Takes care of everyone. Doesn’t let any of the negative things said about him show. Does his own thing and doesn’t care what people think.

Seunghyn: puts his entire soul into his art. His passion never fails. Has grown soooo much since debut. Feels deeply. Desperately wants to show us the real him. Tries so hard to be someone we love. Tries so hard to be strong. Tries so hard to be happy. Tries.