h: satoru iwata

Nintendo CEO Satoru Iwata and Mother creator Shigesato Itoi asked about Mother 4

NAGATA: Mr. Iwata. If you were in a position where you HAD to give an answer and someone asked you if a MOTHER 4 would ever be released, what would you say?

IWATA: If someone asked me that right now?

ITOI: Like if you were at a presentation meeting or something.



IWATA: …… I don’t believe there will be any new MOTHER games made using the same production system as before.

NAGATA: I see.

ITOI: Mr. Iwata’s words just now say it all.


ITOI: Well put. Like I said before, I’ve started to grow fond of people who like the MOTHER games, but to put that in a cooler way, I might say, “The very lives you’re living now are MOTHER 4.” I really feel that way. “Today we had lots of ridiculous thoughts, today we felt sadness, today we laughed a lot.” That’s what I had set out to do within the world of those games.