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Random Calls Harry makes in the dead of night :D
  • Louis : How was your day cherub?
  • Harry : Hard
  • Louis : Awww poor you. Do you have a sore back sweetie? Did you have a rest?
  • Harry : Yeah. Can't do it without you boo. No, got a sore bum though. I've been aching too much to rest.
  • Louis : I'm sorry my love. You know I'd pepper you with kisses and give you a massage but you're on the other side of the world.
  • Harry : I know. We could Skype.
  • Louis : You know my laptop's broken.
  • Harry : *realization* Oh! We could phone.
  • Louis : *furrows eyebrows* We are on the phone babe. Are you alright?
  • Harry : *whines* But it won't go away Lou.
  • Louis : What's going on Harry?
  • Harry : My dick. Its hard.
  • Louis : Oh!
  • Harry : *groans* yeah
  • Louis : *still in shock* oh
  • Harry : *breathes hard* Fuck me
  • Louis : *sighs* All this time I thought you had a hard day.
  • Harry : *face palms* Loueh!

I think my mums probably sick of me shouting at the tv when we were watching xfactor and it was the boy and girl group having a sing of I was like “WTF THE BOYBAND CANT EVEN SING A GIRL GROUP WOULDNT EVEN MAKE THE AUDITIONS IF THEY SANG LIKE THAT THEYRE CRAP SINGERS THEY’RE ONLY HERE BECAUSE THEYRE A BOY GROUP” I calmed down when change your life played in the background