A note to h8ters on simblr

I’m going to make gay sims or straight sims

I’m going to put any hair I want on any sim I want

I’ll use or not use CC if I chose to

I won’t buy a game pack/expansion/stuff pack if I don’t want to

I’ll decorate my sims houses however I want

Unfollow me if you don’t agree, but spreading sending hate messages makes YOU the jerk, not me.

things you may have forgotten about austin & ally

• nelson
• “that’s so panda”
• austin literally brought a framed photo of ally to his first awards show
• the cloud watching club
• crime & judgement
• “nice scream, ally”
• “jimmyyyyyy!”
• ally’s baskets are “unbeweaveable”
• dez is related to dwayne wade
• “ew, is that guy really wearing a thong?”
• that time they all got arrested for robbing an ice cream store
• the helen show
• the wanda watson show
• miami h8ter girl
• the butterfly song
• megan simms
• austin collects teddy bears
• pickles the goose
• trish’s full name is patricia maria de la rosa
• “holy unlimited texting, he is so cute!”
• ally wears elbow pads when she makes a salad and goggles when she brushes her teeth
• mimi moon used to be a hand model
• the ally way
• claws dun dun dun
• austin’s fear of umbrellas
• “don’t touch my book!”
• dallas
• cassidy
• billl with three llls
• “guess who got a job at _____!”
• austin and dez both cry at chick flicks
• ally chews her hair when she’s nervous
• “call a pioneer ranger!”
• sonic boom

anonymous asked:

Watch when Beth finally comes back and is shown healthy and alive, the h8ters of TD will surely disguise themselves on Youtube as TD like us and would have the nerve to comment on a reaction video of Beth being alive all this time saying something like this: "Oh, I always knew Beth was alive from the start." or "Beth is my favorite!" or "She's such a badass!" just to hide their shame and ignorance for hating and discriminating you and Christy. You two should seriously deserve a crown!

Unfortunately, I think you’re right. The haters are the chameleons like d1capito, who delete their blogs, or lurkers. Lurkers only post their vitriol in replies. They know how to disguise and hide their shittiness. They also can’t be wrong, so they’ll the Beth-lives bandwagon once it’s convenient. (Or hopefully delete their blogs in anger and just quit in general. That’s the dream.)

Thank you for your support, anon. It means a lot to @bethgreenewarriorprincess and I as it can be very wearing for us, being the targets of most of the hate. Have a nice weekend! :)

The world would become a better place if

-all the maknaes stay in their fucking lane ffs

-yg wasn’t a troll

- hoseok’s forehead

-Jungkook gettin noticed by his lord and savior GD

-exo gets a good long ass rest !1!

-Bom comes back and slays all the h8ters

-saesang fans gtfo

-Chen or/and Kyungsoo having a solo album :^)

-kpop groups doing concerts in different cities other than Asia !!¡!

-good ass fanfic stories finally being updated from 16616969420 yrs ago

-Cypher pt. 4

anonymous asked:

the fact that the h8ters are protesting and saying that beth is dead because she got shot in the head is seriously the dumbest thing of the whole entire world that any smart people like us ever heard. Cuz it's like they are saying that dogs don't have brains because they can't talk. Like what?

Beth can’t survive the most survivable gunshot wound to the head in a fictional world where the dead can walk two years after decomposition? ‘Mkay, haters.