Jc and Kian finally kiss and I’m so shook

A note to h8ters on simblr

I’m going to make gay sims or straight sims

I’m going to put any hair I want on any sim I want

I’ll use or not use CC if I chose to

I won’t buy a game pack/expansion/stuff pack if I don’t want to

I’ll decorate my sims houses however I want

Unfollow me if you don’t agree, but spreading sending hate messages makes YOU the jerk, not me.

things you may have forgotten about austin & ally

• nelson
• “that’s so panda”
• austin literally brought a framed photo of ally to his first awards show
• the cloud watching club
• crime & judgement
• “nice scream, ally”
• “jimmyyyyyy!”
• ally’s baskets are “unbeweaveable”
• dez is related to dwayne wade
• “ew, is that guy really wearing a thong?”
• that time they all got arrested for robbing an ice cream store
• the helen show
• the wanda watson show
• miami h8ter girl
• the butterfly song
• megan simms
• austin collects teddy bears
• pickles the goose
• trish’s full name is patricia maria de la rosa
• “holy unlimited texting, he is so cute!”
• ally wears elbow pads when she makes a salad and goggles when she brushes her teeth
• mimi moon used to be a hand model
• the ally way
• claws dun dun dun
• austin’s fear of umbrellas
• “don’t touch my book!”
• dallas
• cassidy
• billl with three llls
• “guess who got a job at _____!”
• austin and dez both cry at chick flicks
• ally chews her hair when she’s nervous
• “call a pioneer ranger!”
• sonic boom


BYE prometheus was fun fuck the H8TERS!!!!!!!!!!!!

The world would become a better place if

-all the maknaes stay in their fucking lane ffs

-yg wasn’t a troll

- hoseok’s forehead

-Jungkook gettin noticed by his lord and savior GD

-exo gets a good long ass rest !1!

-Bom comes back and slays all the h8ters

-saesang fans gtfo

-Chen or/and Kyungsoo having a solo album :^)

-kpop groups doing concerts in different cities other than Asia !!¡!

-good ass fanfic stories finally being updated from 16616969420 yrs ago

-Cypher pt. 4

anonymous asked:

god i h8 ur fucking blog so much1!! like ur edits arent just good they r actually awesome af n that makes me so mad 😡😡😤 ur personality is outrageous too!2 how dare u be cool n artistic n totally nice when u could be a gatekeepinh asshole!! like wtf dude ur fucking Problematic🖕👎👎💔😩😤😤🙄🔫🔫

mmmmh leave me alone u nasty anon 😤😤 , u wish u could do edits as bad as mine😩😩😩😩 sorry h8ter💔💔💔