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if you would really care about zayn you wouldn't want him to go back to 1d..but seeing that you're only care about ziam im not even suprised. i want zayn to finally show his voice, write his own musci and talk in interviews - in 1d he never got a chance to do that. when someone asked him a question, there was always lilo in the back not leting him talk, or talking over him... zayn is not coming back and im super happy about that

Okay anon, listen to me

It doesn’t matter what I want, what you want, or unfortunately even what Zayn wants.  If this is a stunt (and at this point, the evidence in that direction is honestly overwhelming), then Zayn is contractually obligated to publicly return to 1D.  

Personally I would love to see zolo Zaynie take over the world, he’s a star and there’s no doubt in my mind that he would be an amazing solo artist.  There’s been a lot of press about Simon Cowell giving the boys the okay to work on solo projects, so I’m thinking that if and when Zayn returns to 1D, he will still be able to make his own music.

As for you somehow knowing that Zayn definitely won’t return, I’m not sure why you came into my inbox to talk about it?  I’ve made my opinions on the matter clear many times.  I welcome discussion and new viewpoints but not from people who have to hide on anon to do it.  

Move along.

WARNING: trauma shaming

people reblogging the post about tumblr radar and white washing, complaining about the trauma warning: “How is editing a photo fucking traumatic? If you’re traumatized by every little post you need to get the fuck off the internet please.”

wow it’s good to know that you’re an asshole.