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**Acperience 7 video_edit**



I had a lot of requests for a slow mo version of this scene so I had to do it! It’s already slowed down in the show but then slowing it down more and adding a slower cover of the song definitely gives it a different feel. Like the song is exactly what Isak is thinking. Hope you enjoy!

Call Your Girlfriend by Robyn (cover by Star Anna)

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Hi! Do you guys know which fic it was when bellarke got fake married so bellamy could use clarke's medical benefits bc he had cancer? thank you :)

Anonymous asked: ‘Hi - I’m looking for a bellarke fic where Clarke and Bellamy are the only ones left of skaikru, and they start having sex so Clarke can have a baby but ignore feelings for a while!’

This sounds like Survivor’s Guilt.

Anonymous asked: ‘any good met-on-ark reunited on ground fics around lately?’

Check here.

Anonymous asked: ‘Hİ ! I ’m looking for fics in the POVs of the delinquents , how they see bellarke develop and what they think about it . Thank you so much .’

Check out our Outside POV tag.

Anonymous asked: ‘Hi there! Are there any fics based on during/post the Bellarke scene in S3e3? Thanks in advance!’

Anonymous asked: ‘Hello I was looking for fics which are inspired by Perfect or Hearts Dont Break Around Here from Ed Sheeran’s new album, maybe its too soon but I want some modern poetry inspired fluff!!’

Anonymous asked: ‘Hey, can you give me some future fics with smut? Thank you!!’

Try this search tag.