Chin: This is a very large mattress. What you planning on doing on this very large mattress?
Danny: Please, please watch the walls, boys. Second bedroom on the left.
Steve: Trust you to find the only mattress place on the island that doesn’t deliver. Only you could do that.
Danny: No, no, they, they deliver. It just costs an extra 50 bucks. You only cost me a beer.

Hawaii Five-0 - 2x07 - Ka Iwi Kapu (Sacred Bones)

Steve: You like that?
Danny: Yes, I do.
Steve: Now you can watch all the TV you want.
Danny: This is, uh… I’m touched, thank you. Uh, but I do believe that I found a place.
Steve: Really?
Danny: Yeah, nice little house for rent right down the street from you.
Steve: Forget about it.
Danny: Oh, right, rule number 56: No coworkers living on the same block.
Steve: Something like that, yeah, just… no, put it out of your mind. Okay?
Danny: These are still very nice. Wow, they work good. Can’t hear you at all, it’s perfect.

Hawaii Five-0 - 2x09 - Ike Maka (Identity)

Lori: So how long were you married?
Danny: That clearly has nothing to do with this case.
Lori: Oh, no, your body language says it does.
Danny: My, my body language? My body language is “I’m driving.” See?
Lori: Yeah, no, you were, you were rubbing your ring finger. Every guy does it. Just means you’re thinking about your own marriage.
Danny: Oh, okay.
Lori: I just point out the obvious. Most men can’t handle the truth when it comes to love.
Danny: We can’t handle the truth when it come…? What are we doing, A Few Good Men?

Hawaii Five-0 - 2x03 - Kame'e (The Hero)