Danny: I know you want to put on the cape, and you want to go save the day, but please keep in mind, please, that this is not a puddle-jumper to Lana'i. Okay? This is North Korea.
Steve: I’m aware of that, thank you, Danny.
Danny: Okay. What do you want to do?
Steve: What am I gonna do? I got to help her. I’d do the same for you, and anybody else here. You know? What am I gonna do?
Danny: Okay, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. Please, just… I’m just assuming, whatever it is you’re about to do, you’ve done before, right? Ah, it’s classified. Of course.
Steve: Do I… is that concern that I see?
Danny: Yeah, jerk. I’m concerned. Big deal.

Hawaii Five-0 - 2x10 - Kiʻilua (Deceiver)