BASIC TANK TOPS by Twinksimstress

Adorable basic tank tops, perfect for any outfit as they come in 50(!!) swatches.

  • 50 swatches
  • 14 matte colors
  • 29 stamps
  • 7 metallic colors
  • custom thumbnail
  • maxis match(ish)
  • 100% base game compatible
  • new mesh

Yay, I’m back!! Made those cute tank tops as a sorry for being away for so long. A lot of new things are coming, so stay tuned!!




Show Some Teeth

It’s been so long since I wanted a teeth overlay like this, usually they come tied with lipsticks, mine are made so that you can combine with your favorite lipstick/lip overlay or just the skin, you decide!

  • Base Game Compatible
  • Disabled for Random
  • Custom Thumbnail
  • Face Paint and Skin Detail Category
  • For All Genders And Ages

Before Downloading Please Read my T.O.U

Download: (AdFly)

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if you have any trouble, please let me know!

Feel free to use #auroramoonsims or tag me, I would love to see your beautiful creations

Super Especial Thanks to @shojoangel

Considering everyone and their mother has had a cameo in Sherlock, why would Sue and Steven not make an appearance? Like, for instance, John and Sherlock walking passed Angelo’s and Sherlock notes that ‘their’ table is occupied by a man with dark curly hair and a dark shirt, accompanied by a woman with blond hair and a comfortable looking beige jumper. 

His step falters for a moment as he regards them and he thinks back to that one night… that one night where he screwed up everything before it began. One night he wished he could do all over again, just to get it right this time. Just that one night, where he could have let John in.

‘’Sherlock? You coming?’’

John’s voice next to him startles him and he turns to his flatmate, his friend, his heart with a soft smile. ‘’Always, John.’’

                               - FIFTHS CREATIONS -

Saluut ! Aujourd’hui je vous présente ma collection de rouge à lèvres mattes ! Ceci est la partie rose, composé de 6 teintes toutes sublimes.

Fifths Creations - MATTE LIP STICK PINK PART :


Thank’s You everyone !