And in All-new All-Different Avengers #5, it looks Mark Waid started taking lessons from @illuminatingcomics.

Also, a soild issue - Vision is an asshole and Nova had a great moment (Sam/Kamala shippers will have field day with this issue), bit dissapointed Miles didn’t seem to care about the whole incident, maybe we get to that later.

Other thoughts - I’m surprised they gave away who is the bad guy in suit and what’s the deal with the whole “Dynasty” thing. Quite early. if you want to know who is the big bad behind it, well…who has a purple head and his name rhymes with “Bang”? If you say Krang…almost.

McDuffie Award Nominees Unveiled!

Later this month, the second annual Dwayne McDuffie Award for Diversity in Comics will be presented at the Long Beach Comic Expo, celebrating a work promoting diversity in comics either on the page or behind the scenes. Ahead of the Award’s Feb. 20 ceremony, THR can exclusively reveal this year’s list of nominees.

Even beyond the diversity of each nominee’s creators, this year’s nominees offer a wide range of subject matter, including a biography of an iconic wrestler, a crowdfunded romance anthology and a digital SF comic about Apartheid in a future South Africa. The five nominated works for the 2016 Award are:


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Washboard Wednesday - Valentine Week Edition

Hiya Gorgeous! 

I have decided to do a little something different for the rest of the week by creating a special Valentine image for you each day. 

So, here’s guy we can always count on to get our pulses rising and inspire lovely/naughty thoughts. That’s right. Oliver Jonas Lustmuffin Queen. Yeah, he used to be a douchy socialite, then he was a killer for Amanda Waller, before becoming a broody vigilante and then he was Ra’s Al Ghul for a couple of hours before leaving town to be Felicity’s main squeeze. Then he came back, became a hero and a mayoral candidate and…well, right now he’s complicated. But as long as he works those bedroom eyes and occasionally shares some of those abs, I will be okay. I just keep telling myself that. 

You might notice a slight change in Oliver’s body art today. I doubt the Bratva would approve, but, hey, it gave me a giggle. 

God, the veins in his arms are just ridiculous. Excuse me whilst I hyperventilate. I hope you like the image and all of the lovely bits.

Stay tuned for tomorrow (hint…Tuxedo Thursday) for another Valentine…because you are awesome and you deserve it. 

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