Holy frick!!!! I am never going to shut up about that scene of Clarke and Kane !!!!! Clarke looks so content and just friggin’ calm when Kane hugs her. She was rushed into adulthood, wasn’t comforted by parents for a year prior to being on the ground because of solitude. Clarke honestly hasn’t felt familiar love since the last time she saw Abby. And after everything that has happened these past few days/weeks to Clarke, I bet that hug meant more to her than usual. She buries her face in his shoulder and hugs back, she lets adulthood wash away for a second, and just for a moment she’s a kid getting a hug from a parent - just for the sake of love. So needless to say - Clarke looks at Kane like a father figure and Kane loves his daughter 💝

Also: I cannot explain how much I LOVED that the bellarke theme queued in RIGHT as Clarke said “she’ll come around and see how special you are”. Their theme wouldn’t have started to play if Clarke only meant Octavia would/does see Bellamy as “special”

And they just… give her a moment to look at Bellamy while the theme swells a little.

And then: “Clarke, if I don’t see you again-” And her immediate interruption: “No. You will.”

Almost like she knew what he was going to say, but she doesn’t want him to say it just because of the fear of never meeting again.

All the while with that gorgeous theme playing softly in the background and stabbing me right in my soul.