h50: au

coffeeshop aus?

yeah okay but-

  • you complain really loudly to your friend in a foreign language and i can hear you mention my name sometimes but idk how to tell you i can understand everything au
  • “i climbed this tree for a dare but now i’m stuck can you help me down or get a ladder i’m scared of heights and also im on probation” au
  • inexperienced camper and park ranger au
  • your room always smells really fucking good and idk what you’re doing in there but i’m determined to find out au
  • it’s the last train of the night and we’re the only two people in this car and i’m 58472085345% sure i just saw a ghost 
  • you were drunk and proposed to me but i’m not sure how to bring it up now you’re sober bc i totally would have said yes au
  • we’re both on a foreign exchange and the company we’re with has apparently gone bankrupt, looks like we’re stuck here, you do speak the language right? au
  • why are you hanging leaves above all the doors in our corridor?? it’s midnight?? and you’re wearing a sheet please explain?????? au
  • we’re in the communal kitchen making food but somehow it turned into a contest, do you want to make out while i wait for this creme brûlée to finish cooling au
  • i’m trying to do homework but some asSHOLE upstairs is blasting shitty 80′s pop and its kind of catchy but i need to study, could you pLEASE maybe turn Madonna down, i don’t care how much like a virgin you are au
  • you’re living in my old apartment and you’re really cool but i’m a ghost and i’m not sure how to hang out with you without scaring you away au
Second Chances

Summary: Dan is mute and Phil is the bad boy at school who picks on him and bullies him. The only problem was that Dan and Phil have been talking to each other online for months. But Phil didn’t know he was talking to someone that he already knew, until they meet in person. Things don’t quite go as planned.

Genre: AU, Angst, Fluff

Word Count: 1,774

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oofuri boxing au

rookie lightweight boxer ren mihashi who won’t step off the ring until he’s beaten senseless

boxing coach abe takaya who just parted his way with his insanely talented trainee haruna who refused to go all out on practice matches because of his overblown ego and fear of injuries

abe admires mihashi’s determination and helps him get the most out of his slow and light, but extremely accurate jabs


AU where Thominho meets for the first time at Nalby’s wedding. It wasn’t supposed to be this long and it kinda took me forever. And I don’t know why but the colour tuned weird when I saved them but couldn’t really bother because it already took me days to finish this. Wouldn’t it be really cute to see them flirting at Nalby’s perfect wedding


When Clara Williams laments that she’s missing her grandchildren grow up, Danny - ever the dutiful son - embarks upon a mission to document the life and times of his family in Hawaii.

(Steven. Take out those last pics, babe, not all of the album is supposed to be sent home. Those are just for us.)

obscure aus to consider!!!
  • “I’ve hurt myself and tried to call a friend but dialed a wrong number can you help me out anyway” AU
  • “We’ve both been sent to a reformative summer camp but it turns out it’s actually a front for organised vampirism on gay teens that their parents want to subdue” AU
  • “You’re going out with my sibling/friend/relative but i’m convinced you’re gay (and shit you’re hot), what better way to prove it than seduce you in front of them” AU
  • Lord of the Flies AU
  • Bugsy Malone AU
  • Some Like It Hot AU
  • “You’re a species a lot like a vampire and I’m a species a lot like a werewolf but we always get mistaken for the better known species and I know we’re supposed to be arch enemies but we bond over others’ ignorance” AU
  • Star Trek: Voyager (lost in space) AU
  • “I’m a pirate(/space pirate) who invaded your town(/spaceship/planet) and cold-cocked you because you were in my way but you’re weirdly attractive when you’re unconscious so I brought you back to my ship” AU
  • “I was trying to roofie someone else but the waiter mixed up the drinks so I accidentally roofied you” AU
  • “We’re dating and you organised a threesome but the third person you found is actually my sibling” AU
  • “You’re lactose intolerant and you’re allergic to gluten but we got the wrong orders so now we’re sharing an ambulance” AU
  • “We both fainted at the concert” AU
  • Splash AU
  • KickThePJ’s Forever Train AU
  • Literally any of the stories from Love Actually AU
  • “We’ve both been captured by a ‘superior race’ and are now being sold as a joint lot in a sex slave auction” AU
  • “I’m a government spy and you stumbled in on me killing someone and even though you’re drunk as Hell I’m afraid you’re going to have to come with me” AU
  • “We’re two different countries’ Eurovision acts” AU


You never saw a Griever in your entire life. But you had the nightmares. You vividly saw the bulbous creature, gears wiring and turning directed right at you, chasing you down vast empty corridors covered in vines. There was no way out, you were trapped, cornered, facing death right before you awoke screaming.
And it was happening again tonight.
“No, no, no,” you murmured. The monster was menacing over you and pulled out a think, sharp needle, pointed right at your heart. It glistened in the moonlight as it drew closer, poking at your skin.
“NOOOO!!!!” you screamed out as you jolted up in bed. You panted, wiping sweat off your forehead as you heard scurrying down the hall. Five figures appeared in your doorway.
“Y/N, are you alright?!” an British accented voice panicked.
“Just another nightmare, you can all go to sleep,” you exhaled slowly.
“Are you sure?” A juvenile voice piped up.
“Ya, I’m sure Chuck, you all can go,” the four figures left but one remained, walking closer to you. Newt’s soft, worried face appeared in the moonlight, brow furrowed.
“Grievers again?” You nodded, “But you’ve never seen one.”
“I don’t have to, I just know. Like from another life?” You shivered recollecting the dream, “You can go back to bed, Newt. I’m fine,” you fibbed.
“Y/N, I know when you’re lying, and you’re like a rug right now,” he said making you crack a relieved smile, breaking the tension, “Scoot over.”
You made room for him and he laid down next to you and allowed to to curl into him. Wrapping his arms around you as you pulled up the blankets, he gave you a kiss on the head. You looked up into his chocolate eyes and gave a questioning look. You had just been friends before, but everyone knew your true feelings.
“What was that for?”
“I’m not going to let anything hurt you,” he dodged the question and rested his head on yours and lightly closed his eyes pretending to dose off. You snuggled into his chest more and laid in the silence.
“You’re the best thing that’s ever happened to me, and I’m not going to lose you. I’m going to protect you at all costs,” you heard him whisper thinking you were asleep as he combed loosely through your hair with his fingers. You smiled, hiding your face so he wouldn’t get embarrassed and fell asleep to his soft touch and sweet nothings he whispered in your hair.


words: 1,344
pairing: Calum & Reader
rating: NC-17
summary: Friends with benefits ever works
a/n anarchyaustralia‘s wedding!5sos night reminded me of this idea that had been nagging at the back of my mind so I did a little thing.

Over the music and the friendly chatter filling the room, you couldn’t help your gaze from constantly drifting over to him. Across the reception hall, looking impossibly handsome in the suit you helped him pick out, sitting next to some girl you’d never figure for his type. You weren’t jealous, you both agreed that time apart would do you both some good. You weren’t jealous. How could you be, when every time your eyes fell on Calum his fell on you. You tore your gaze from Calum only when you heard your name being called softly beside you. Smiling politely at what’s-his-name as he offered to grab you another drink, you lost yourself in the buzz of conversation, letting your mind wander. Wander to thoughts of Calum, to the last time he held you in his arms, to the last time you felt his lips on your skin. Out of the corner of your eye, you notice Calum’s eyes on you again. Silently watching from across the room. How on earth did the two of you get so messed up?

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Alternate design for Monster Falls Pacifica!

iceb0x mentioned making Mabel a unicorn centaur in the AU earlier today and I remembered back a few months ago when y’all asked if I’d make Paz one since well…. she and I have similar things going on with us. So yep! I actually really like her like this.Super cute!