h50: 4x11

4x11 Review

OK there are some things I loved and some things I hated about this episode. Some of these might be unpopular opinions but it is what it is..

1) GO MATT for telling Elena how this sire bond is effecting her..because she trusted them with Damon

2) Go JEREMY for sticking it in Damon’s face that he doesn’t really care about him

3) GO KOL for sticking it in Damon’s face that what he really wants is Jeremy to die so that she gets rid of the last bit of her humanity…which is absolutely true and I think a foreshadowing of Jeremy’s death to come..

4) GO BONNIE kickass..and her Dad I’m liking

5) GO STEFAN for sticking it to Damon and Elena when Elena tried to get on him for being with Bekah when she is with Damon..about the fact that Damon tried to kill Jeremy now TWICE..but I think he went a little too far..his Sass is getting too much for me.. (see more below)

6) The compulsion scene mirroring 3X05 was EPIC for SE because DE failed miserably at that ultimate test. Stefan comes and saves the day AGAIN, then Stefan got to kick his brother’s ass..which was much deserved

7) Loved how upset Elena was when Stefan LIED about not being in love with her.. that shows how much she does still love him

Now the unpopular opinion

I hated the Stebekah mess and what they did to Stefan’s character in this regard. “This is what I’m like when I’m not in love with you” BULLSHIT.. He wasn’t in love with Elena when he saved her in the accident the first time… he went after a complete stranger to save their life. So I call BULLSHIT and I hate this whole implication you have to be loved to be good BULLSHIT…plus I’m calling BULLSHIT on the not in love with Elena… now I know that he is hurt, and I’m in Elena’s boat with him acting out because he’s hurt.

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Second having sex with Rebekah because he just doesn’t care? Meaningless sex? Since when is he Damon? So WTF he didn’t do this last season.. and he was all RIPPER he wanted nothing to do with her. He could have had sex with tons of girls..and he choose not to. Now all of the sudden he wants crazy sex? I mean Stebekah is kinda hot..but I don’t think it’s consistent and I don’t buy it. I wonder if those herbs had something to do with him being such a DICK this episode…. because even though I liked it how he stuck it to Elena, he went a little too far… He is borderline ripper. I want my Stefan back!

Ugh another character assassination.

Oh and finally an episode where I wasn’t crying… things are getting better SE fans! SLOWLY