h50: 304


The fact that SOBER rick in his right mind would admit that morty is the answer is amazing. Fuck yes the character development is coming along I love it. Also love the fact that morty knows every answer because he knows everything about rick😂 OH and the behind the scenes was like"oh shit world ended is the baddest villain ever" AND THE FACT THAT DRUNK RICK KILLS HIM IS FUCKING HILARIOUS
I’m gonna watch it again to appreciate all the amazing backgrounds that went by so quickly. I mean damnnn props to the animation/drawing team they keep getting better and better


DUDE SAME, this season is fucking amazing!! I LOVE the insight into the characters so much like omf 

cooooooolsies  asked:

Honestly i think the fact that Morty kept stressing that the vindicators were his heroes and not Rick further solidified Mortys character growth for me! In Rickshank Redemption when Morty got into Summer for idolize games Rick it was because Morty already went through that phase (the first season or so) and he realized how problematic that was for the year and a half that Rick was in prison. I think it shows that Morty does a LOT of self reflection and is bettering himself from it!

Yes!!!! Morty doesn’t idolize Rick; he respects his intelligence but knows he’s…well, that Rick’s a shit and an asshole. He puts up with his grandpa. 

I liked that they were both quipping with each other when they were about to be choked to death, that was really funny! 

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IT WAS??? SO??? FUCKING?? GOOD??? (the new ep) and can we appreciate how much like Rick Morty was when they were choking to death?!?! And how much SARCASM Rick used to cope with his own emotions and feelings of inadequacy as he watches the Vindicators take Morty from him?? And how Morty is just BOMB AF when it comes to figuring Rick's shit out (pun intended)???!?!?! LIKE??? FUCK!!! And the superb drunk acting by Roiland i mean goddamn son get wasted my boy


Also fucking Roiland, he’s so fantastic oh my god 

Of Lost Things

304 was always going to be a bit of a tricky one for me.  I’ve never been a massive fan of the Helswater section for all manner of reasons that don’t just stem from Geneva so I wasn’t ready to rush to watch.  However, as always, there are some things to enjoy/think they did well etc so here I go!

Episode title - Well, it seems that every one of these starts with me saying I like the epsiode title.  Am going to punt and say this is likely to continue looking ahead.  After the thematic trilogy of 301-303, where do you go forward?  @kalendraashtar did a lovely piece on her views on 304 with a point on what is lost through the episode.  What has been going around in my head is that there were so many physical and emotional aspects that were lost.  And the one most prominent to me was Jamie had lost his despair over Claire, he was slowly coming to terms with her never coming back.  He does pray to St. Anthony (lovely pick up @abreathofsnowandashes).  If someone is gone or lost, there is a chance you might find them but it seems now Jamie is at the point where Claire is gone for good, not gone to return.  It echoed back to his talk with Ian.  Ian lost his leg, an important part of himself but he has had to accept, adapt and continue with this loss.  Claire had to, and Jamie has now, in terms of the story, also completed that cycle.  As Jamie completes it, Claire opens the door and finds that heartache again.

Roger returns with his knitwear -   Hello Mr. Rankin.  No deep insight just a bit of perving.

Claire, Bree and the Pearls - So, I feel like I’ve been in the minority in terms of being sanguine about the lack of Bree and Claire.  Primarily because this serves the story as I interpreted it.  I would have loved a bit more of Claire through the 50s/60s, but I enjoyed the descent into fractured existence when we saw it.  It felt like what was being said in subtext was that Claire was absent physically and to some extent emotionally from Bree, hence the lack of screen time with her.  Bree obviously longed for more time with Claire, especially after the death of Frank and this connection has been found, only to be lost.  I’m not fussed about the pearls having gone to Mrs. Graham.  I can imagine a scenario where she would give them away in grief as much as I could see her keeping them to herself.

Hal and the subtext - When Hal showed up, I was delighted to see his return (see previous postings for a new ship between him and Jamie).  What I loved the most about this was the subtle sub text between Hal, Jamie and John.  Nothing is said and yet everything is said.  It harkens back to the argument in 301 between Claire and Frank.  I see this as a thing in period dramas centred around the upper class so I’m interested in whether this is something more universal or whether it’s confined to the stiff upper lip.

The other aspect I like is how Geneva picked up on this, showing her to be smart and interested in Jamie.  From Hal’s end, I loved how he knows is brother  and in an instant understands that LJG is in love with Jamie.  He would be aware of all the social and political ramifications of this to be know and there’s a palpable wariness to this exchange.  All around that I think is played really well.  

Sawney is dead, long live Sawney - Lovely emotional touch recalling Jamie having lost his own in series 1.  

Characters are being fleshed out and made human - I was going to write something on each character, but I think it’s just worth me just saying that there is something about how the characters are being fleshed out giving greater depth to the story and plots.  I think that there is a tendency for certain characters to get waylaid in the books or they’re brief enough to not warrant much attention.  Equally sometimes I think the characterisation can veer into a stereotype.  Every character in this episode were brought out in 3D and whether that was the actors, the script or a combination of both I am just happy to see it. 

We didn’t get the double rape - well, I was firmly in the camp of anything but rape which not only set the bar low but was quite depressing in the lowness of it.  Anything that moved away from it was a plus in my book.  Bit long for me, but it didn’t seem to harken back to the Wedding or seem romantic to me in anyway and it seemed pretty much that Jamie recognised the physicality of it.

Jamie getting older - There is no lightness to Jamie, no smoulder, no spark and I’ve appreciated recognising how much he is developing as a character given his choices and circumstances.

I feel lucky that in a lot of respects, I’m getting the screen experience I wanted.  By and large all the notes and framing is as I felt it reading.  It’s so interesting to see diversity of opinion and interpretation, recognising that we’re ultimately not right, there is no right.  Am really looking forward to the next couple of eps, can’t believe we’re onto 305 already next week!