h50: 1x09

anonymous asked:

Why does Sam thinks he needs to go back in the cage? Where did he get that idea from? How would that solve anything??

Heya, I haven’t seen the episode yet so I don’t know if there’s anything specifically to analyse in Sam’s behaviour. I get the feeling from the last few episodes though that this is a sort of inevitability that’s been building up in his head for a while. I think a lot about how in 8x21 he was saying he’d always felt unclean etc, and how this storyline has always weighed on him. Especially rewatching season 1-5 this summer there was a strong feeling from Sam about him vs destiny and how he often leaned into it or didn’t know how to escape it or felt like one way or another something was meant to happen. He’s very easily swayed by the idea of these visions being from God or at least being very meaningful, and his entire life has been barrelling headfirst towards Lucifer so in a way this is practically comfortable ground. :P

I noticed in one of the gifsets I reblogged something which supports in the background this reading: the return of the diamond patterened bedspreads.


these were first used in Phantom Traveller and so I associated them with demons:

And then they became definitely about Sam and his arc in Home:

And were present for one of the most important conversations in season 1 in Shadow:

the theme of diamonds carried on being related to demons and Sam’s arc, for example in 2x10:

And what I find interesting in hindsight is that they’re also cage imagery, although obviously that would not be what they intentionally represented as literally The Cage, the prison imagery is ever-present. In a way, bringing them back right now is a great way to link it all together and retcon this imagery for being part of Sam’s inevitable march towards Lucifer and The Cage in the early seasons… 

So I kind of don’t think Sam really has a choice about exploring this avenue, or to forget it or dismiss it. His entire life has been about the inevitability of the season 5 stuff… I don’t imagine it’s hard to kickstart that same push half a decade later. Same inevitable kind of pull towards it… Like this represents his lack of choice in the issue.