Danny: Could you please, um, maybe just simplify, 20 words or less.
Tunney: Like, like the field trip version?
Danny: I don’t know what that means.
Tunney: Alright. Buoys in the water get info, sent it to the satellite; the satellite sent it here.
Danny: Okay, that’s all, was that so difficult?
Tunney: No.
Steve: Question, is there a relay station that the signal passed through, or, or any places that can compromise the signal?
Tunney: Nah, it’s a clean feed from Goes 11 to us. Oh, you’ll have to excuse me.
Steve: Okay, thank you, you’ve been very helpful.
Tunney: Yeah.
Danny: ….How was that helpful?
Steve: Would you just be quiet for a second? So the adults can think.
Danny: Think, think, thinking? Is that what, the face means?


Danny: Everything is going to be okay, Monkey, I promise you that. It’s good news. You got a day off school, that’s all.
Grace: But my friend Tommy said the waves can get as tall as buildings and can go as fast as race cars.
Danny: Oh, he did, huh? Um, Tommy also told you that he killed a Tiger Shark with a boogie board, okay? Tommy, is what I like to call a pathological liar. So from now on, we’re gonna put a closed sign on our ears when Tommy talks, okay? Tommy….Tommy’s a goof, babe.