Voici , le face modeleur numéro 4.
Cette fois 14 styles, et 5 styles, plus intense, pour peaux, blacks.
Style, ultra lumineux. Style, plus doux, Blush soutenu. Blush léger.
C'est à vous de choisir.
Parmi, les 14 styles, naturelle, ou, plus fort.
Teinte rosé, et prune, pour une vision, plus puissante, sur peaux foncé.
Face modeleur, Accessoire de maquillage,
Pour vos simsettes.
Zone Blush. s'utilise aussi, sur skinmask.
Happy simming! zone maquillage


Here, the face modeler number 4.
This time 14 styles and 5 styles, more intense, for skins blacks.
Style, ultra bright. Style, sweeter, blush supported. slight blush.
It’s up to you.
Among the 14 styles, natural, or, stronger.
pink tint, and plum, for a vision, more powerful, with dark skins.
Face modeler, makeup accessories,
For your simsettes.
Blush area. is also used on skinmask.
Happy simming! zone make up



Hello my fellow simblrs!

As I was making a light mustache for my Frida Kahlo sim, I realized that it would only take many monotonous tweaks to allow female sims to have access to all facial hairs. Then I remembered that some people had said they were disappointed when that option wasn’t available in the patch, so here they are! Well, all but one. I didn’t do the chin strap because for some reason it distorted the face of the female sim. 

You have one of 2 options: you can get all the separate files, or you can get them all merged. Please only pick one.

*EDITED TO ADD* These are under the facepaint category



TOU - Recoloring is allowed, but please don’t include the mesh. Also, please don’t upload these and claim them as your own, or put them behind ad.fly or other pay sites.