Touch // Spencer Reid

A/N: Just a short little piece written at 4 am. I’ve been thinking about physical affection a lot lately. I apologize for any typos or for how shitty this turns out to actually be once I wake up tomorrow and actually fully process what I’ve written.

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Recoil 4 es una especie de carrera de siete minutos por las calles de La Habana a bordo de un pepino 4x4. Aquí no hay efectos especiales ni leches, aquí van a tumba abierta y el vídeo es un pasote.

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I’m trying......

Me:  “All my sims look the same who aren’t effed up with the stupid squashed face when they age up to teen bug I’ve had in my game since day one”

Looks at other’s sims…….

Me:  “Maybe I should venture out past my 1 set of CC eyes, 1 CC skin, and 1 blush thing I use……”

Downloads a ton of stuff…..

Me:  “Ewww…..now my sims don’t look right.  WHO ARE THESE STRANGERS!?!”

Deletes it all……..

Looks at my sims today……

Me:  “All my sims look the same who aren’t……”

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