I think Hawaii five-0 is my favourite show. Like ever.

Okay so I actually wanted to say this after I watched the first episode of H50 but I figured I’d leave it for a little while incase things got boring (pish what) or I didn’t like the storylines but it’s just gotten better and better and from what I can see, I don’t think it’s ever going to be bad. How can it when mcdanno banter is so great, the characters are brilliant, the stories are fantastic, the car chases are excellent. As an action/adventure show junkie, this show ticks all my boxes.

I think what I love most about H50 is how Mcdanno’s relationship is the centre of the show and the writers aren’t afraid to show that they care about eachother, they aren’t afraid to be open, they include scenes that really don’t even matter to the plot of the episode just to show that mcdanno’s relationship is so strong and that they’re comfortable with being themselves.

They know eachother so well and in such a short space of time they’ve gotten so close and I’ve gotten to see how they made this journey (through Season 1) through all the little moments that just show they’re already the best of friends. I’m talking about scenes like Danny coming over to Steve’s with doughnuts. Steve getting impatient when he can’t guess what’s in Danny’s bag (his lunch). Talking about the new Jersey postcard. Sitting on a bench at the beach quietly, not saying a word but being completely comfortable.

I’m ready to admit it now. This is my favourite ship. No 1. I will ship till the end of my days. Long live Mcdanno. Bring on Season 2!

1. The encounter

2. The Adventures

3. Jealousy

4.Danny’s feelings

5.Steve’s feelings

As a tale of love
this story could start with
“Once upon a time…. on an island in the middle of the pacififque… Danny meets Steve or Steve meets Danny … doesn’t matter
In both cases fate and the universe created McDanno 


- There’s a situation. Five-O beat us here to the building.
- If they take Gabriel Waincroft into custody, he’ll be protected. You need to make sure that doesn’t happen.
- You’re talking about a lot of collateral.
- Listen to me, I want Gabriel Waincroft dead. Do whatever it takes. Even if you have to kill them all.

Hawaii 5.0 ➸ 06x24 


H50 episode 7.20 Sneak Peek 1