h50 4x04


The movie date had to be the McDanno scene for 4x04

I made GIFs without dialogue because really the magic is not in the dialogue… it’s how they seem to be totally oblivious of the rest of the world.

In the middle of a full cinema they talk, eat popcorn from the same cup and are totally in the personal space of each other.

So, this should be a double date with their girlfriends but they really are kind of invisible… and let’s be honest, anyone who ever went out in a double date knows it: the girls sit in the middle while men chivalrously sit at sides…

The only time when you can sit with this kind of disposition when 4 persons go to a movie is if 2 on them are interested in each other but bring a friend along not to be too evident ;D

Special mentions for:

- the way Steve is totally comfortable chewing popcorn with his mouth open :D

- Danny’s adorable smile in the last GIF <3

And finally here’s the dialogue from the scene (I bet all of us hoped we were watching the third act of McDanno story at the time… now that the season has ended I think it really was :D)

Steve: what just happened?

Danny: what do you mean?

Steve: what, did I miss something? I mean, the music just went all sad.

Danny: That’s because that’s how the filmmakers want you to feel. Sad. See?

Steve: well, no, this is supposed to be a romantic comedy. This is neither romantic nor funny. I don’t understand what’s happening.

Danny: I got it. OK, this is what they call the thirs act. They got to come up with some goofy obstacle so that when they get back together at the end you get to feel all warm and fuzzy.

Watch this. Are you ready? Montage fades out and…

I have an 11 year old daughter. So I’m very hip to this specific genre of cinema

Steve: This is the most unrealistic movie I’ve ever seen in my life.