sometimes I picture the mcdanno-first-kiss as this big thing that it has speeches led up to it and angsty substories that relate to them and what not but really I know it’ll probably happen without them realizing it; like Danny will be leaving to go somewhere and they’ll just be like ‘okay bye’ and peck each other on the lips and then walk away and after a few seconds both pause and be like “huh.” and carry on.

like that’s honestly how it would go down


2x19 - surf buddies

Okay, now. Am I missing something or it was kind of situation “you won’t tell your sister that we’re dating?”. ‘Cause why the hell Danny would feel offended or sensitive, in any other scenario? At this point it could be just canon, ‘cause they are so married. Or is it just me, my shipping self? Because I can’t see any other way to interpret this scene that would make more sense.


McDanno amnesia!AU: Working a case with the US military, Danny finds badly tortured Steve. No one knows how long Steve had been kidnapped, but the horrible experience has left Steve with severe amnesia, with no recollection of his life before he was saved. Danny, feeling completely compelled by the man he rescued, promises him that he’ll do whatever it takes to help Steve to find out who he is. Their bond grows stronger with every day they spend together, which doesn’t go unnoticed by Danny’s superiors. Slowly Danny starts to understand that there’s nothing he can do to help Steve back to his previous life, no matter how much he wants to keep his promise - even if it would mean letting go. Steve, however, starts to realize he has everything he wants in life right there with Danny.