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Ashton had never been one to break down; he never let his feeling get the best of him. He didn’t many people in, either. For him, his four friends and family were enough, more than enough.

People weren’t interesting enough, Ashton always had thought, so his main goal in life wasn’t socialize. He wasn’t scared of meeting new people or had social anxiety; he just liked being alone. Period.

A cliché twist of plans was the one that made all of those principles he had vanish. When he first met her, he didn’t think much of her; normal height, curvy body and messy hair. Her face was like the same faces he had grown bored to see every day. So why did he fall in love?

Maybe it could have been her plump lips, which were created to make everyone’s minds have the most sinful thoughts; it could have been also the way her soft skin felt when she touched Ashton’s skin and the chills he used to have when that happened. And what about her raspy, but still beautiful, voice when she said his name? No, no; it had to be her smirk.

Though her face could have no expression written over it, her smirk was always present – like she was aware of things any other human did not know and Ashton somehow knew she knew it. It was the only thing that seemed to always be on Ashton’s mind.

He let her in. First mistake.

She showed him things that he couldn’t have ever dreamt about; new places, new feelings, new cravings. Ashton discovered a new Heaven with her every day, and a new Hell every night.

She took him to new countries, she told him stories from all around the world, and he spent every waking minute with her. She was metal and he was a little magnet.

She became bored with his clinginess, although she didn’t say anything about it. Choosing to stop hanging out with him, she started breaking the boy’s heart that he had given to her without actually knowing he was doing so.

Hell broke loose when their first fight started; both of their temperaments were too strong so when they collided, they knew it wasn’t going to end up good.

After a week of silent treatment, she came back crying and he forgave her and welcomed her in his arms. And after learning she had him wrapped around her finger and hurt him many times more, he forgave her every time she came back too.

Everything had changed now that she could do almost anything and still have his forgiveness. She tested him every day. She went way too far when she woke up in other people’s beds; this time, she didn’t have his forgiveness.

Ashton broke down the moment she told him she had been sleeping around with other guys, to the point where he knew he was never going to be completely fixed again.

She tried to fight for him to take her back; it was the only girl he had ever fallen for, anyway, so it was supposed to be easy as it had always been.

But when his face turned red with anger and madness flashed through his eyes, she yelped. When he yelled “Get the hell out” she left without hesitation. Not looking back, she left Ashton crying in his bedroom floor, too ashamed of having let people in his life.

She moved on rather quickly, men died to see what had made the cold Irwin fall to his knees. He went back to his old habits; no one would ever get too close to him again.

He despised being alone now, though he wasn’t going back to her.  

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