Operation Hand Jibbers

OHJ was the code name given to the controller i crafted for my bff and t02forlife khora for christmas. as an owner of my own custom controller i felt any halo player would love to have one. i set about making khora her very own.

and quickly wanted to kill myself.

this was one of the most tedious things i’ve ever worked on. i’d rather trap myself in a dark room for two days, then have to go through this shit again. when all was said and done and the buttons wouldn’t fit and the paint started to chip i thought i would weep.

thanks to some assistance from a few people i was able to salvage my work that made it through with only a few tiny errors.

these errors are really hard to see in pictures so that’s awesome.

above are all the photos i took as i tested out spray paint, spray painting techniques, designs and other mayhem.

for anyone interested in painting controllers, i suggest you do a ton of research before you start and definitely plan to fuck up a lot of shit before you get it right.


my taste in music is top 1

so i watched the opening cut scene from halo 4 (cause my friend is cheating the system and playing it early)

i’m not much of a halo campaign person. i’ve played like half of all of them but i’m so MLG oriented that the campaign really isn’t a priority for me.

but i think halo 4 might change that.

i’m fairly certain i’m going to play the campaign all the way through. THAT’S HOW SEXY IT LOOKS.

also this game looks amazing. the maps, the guns, the physics. this is what reach should have been. this is the direction bungie should have gone.

343, i can’t wait to fly to dallas and play this game on LAN and fall absolutely in love with it and then come home and have to wait a brutal 9 hours before i can pick up my LE copy at midnight and game until i vomit.