I cannot wait to start decorating my own home.

I feel like the design aspect is one of the biggest motivations. Not the freedom. Or having a place of my own. Just designing it. (Though having a place of my own and the freedom still hold value.)

I think one of the main reasons I want to leave, but still come back & settle my life here is because I am completely infatuated with the sound of heavy rain hitting my roof.

When you accidentally “like” something on Facebook from a while back when you’re trolling on someone. And they notice before you get the chance to “unlike” it…

I’m listening to The Killers Christmas music, not doing my RAP. Agh. I need motivation. I’m so close to doing my work.

When you have to delete someone off of Facebook because your news feed is constantly filled with horses and/or talk about horses…

Everyone is posting “that awkward moment…” statuses. Um, that awkward moment when you’re reading through and none of the moments are awkward. Come on, guys. Do you know what awkward means?