I just saw Ian's number and his dad's number posted on here.

It’s gone now but Jesus cunting Christ.

I think we need to start tweeting and DMing Ian and possibly Anisa. This. is. fucking. dangerous. I sent them both DMs last night with screenshots and links to a few of the offending posts. I doubt Ian will see it but there’s a chance that Anisa will.

You think it isn’t a big deal? On the H3 podcast, Ian said he calls the cops before he posts a Content Cop video and tells them to put him on a whitelist. It’s that serious. He has been recieving death threats since the whole T*na business picked up, and you cumstains think that jeoparidizing his safety is just a fucking meme?

Please choke.

Royal Art Museum
Upper Broadway (H3) Curator: Sir Reynold Stitched

Visitors to Ankh-Morpork have declared that this feature is not so much a museum as an attic, but if so it is an attic that has stood the test of time.  Possibly the best known of the items it holds is the painting of the Mona Ogg by Leonard of Quirm, and many visitors declare that the cheeky grin doesn’t only follow them around the room but sometimes turns up when they get home.  Also well known are Caravati’s Three Large Pink Women and One Piece of Gauze, The Goddess Anoia Arising from the Cutlery, Daniellarina Pouter’s Freedom (a tall wooden stake with a nail protruding from it at head-height), William Pouter’s more conventional portrait of the city ruler Man with Dog, Sir Robert Cuspidor’s Waggon Stuck in River, and Mauvaise’s sculpture Man with Big Figleaf.

Some exhibits appear to have simply arrived without anyone’s foreknowledge, including the installation labelled Take No Notice of the Elephant, author unknown, which is nevertheless valued as, well, priceless.

For the connoisseur there are the displays of fine china and crockery and the wonderful array of work form the Counterweight Continent; although of course rather more connoisseurs gravitate towards the naked ladies, who may legitimately be closely observed because they possess either a piece of gauze or an urn or both–which means that they are Art.

It is a reasonable guess that, as is the case with most attics, there still remains plenty more in the museum that has not yet been classified.
—  Terry Pratchett, “The Compleat Ankh-Morpork City Guide”
(OH MY GOD, the museum people thought THE SIGN SUSAN AND MYRIA LEJEAN PUT UP to CONFUSE THE AUDITORS is an art installation.  I love this, this is the best thing to find out in this book.)