Really shitty

Like I’d be honest if it was a decent catchy song (I actually thought ‘It’s Every Night Sis’ was) but it was just very bland. The beats were mediocre at best, the writing/actual insults were predictable and unoriginal (like all the stuff about idubbbz being gay and obsessed with him)

I’m not going to go through like every line of it cause y’all don’t care and I don’t really either, but one thing that I just have to say is why the fuck you hatin’ papa Ethan?? He brought up Ethan (”H3″ - which is incorrect because Ethan is only half of H3) MULTIPLE times in the song!! Like wtf he barley had anything to do with this, he was just in the background of the vid for like 5 seconds! Why didn’t repetitively bring up PewDiePie being in the video (I mean he’s only the biggest YouTuber EVER.)  But no, make fun of Ethan’s weight in a diss track about why idubbbz sucks, ok