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Soooo, Evan is still shrugging it off even after Jon twisted Ty's arm??? And how is everybody knowing Evan is so sick?

That he didn’t shrug off. He pulled Jon aside and asked him what that was all about and how the hell did he do that. Tyler is a big Guy, Jon is too but not as big as Tyler. Jon sighed and quickly made up a lie.

“ I’ve been taking some self defense classes–”

“ Bullshit!”

“ Evan there’s some things I’m not ready to talk about!”

“ Double fucking bullshit!! We’re a team Jon! We tell each other everything that’s how it works!” Jonathan looks away unwilling to look at Evan, “ Jonathan!”

“ Let’s just go back to the party…”

They don’t speak for the rest of the night. Evan is very upset and storms to his room when they both get home, slamming the door shut. Jon doesn’t know what to do. Evan is clearly upset but he doesn’t want to tell him about his past. He waits a few hours before going into the room and slipping into bed. He wraps his arms are Evan tightly. It’s hard keeping secrets from the ones you love but it’s for the best.

As for how everyone reacts to him being sick. Brock does a whole bunch of research. He helps Evan’s diet and makes sure he eats only the healthiest foods. He gets vitamins and has Evan take walks with him. When Evan went to the hospital he made sure to visit everyday for as long as he could.

Tyler was pretty broken up about it and stays away from Evan. Some people who can’t handle things like this tend to push themselves from the situation. Evan isn’t mad at him though. He understands but it does hurt. Bu when Evan ends up in the hospital again he tries to be there more. Tyler takes him to his hospital check ups and stays with him when Jon is at work to make sure he’s okay.

Ohm is upset but doesn’t really show it. He just does chores around there house so Evan doesn’t have to. He gets their groceries when Jon is at work and sometimes hangs around. Jonathan leaves money on the table to payback all the stuff he’s doing.

They all keep Evan company while Jon is at work. He appreciates it.

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Does Evan ever suspect anything about what delirious is doing?

Not really. He just thinks Jon is at work most of them time. He had his friends to distract him and with his frequent hospital visits he never really thinks about what Jon is doing. But he worries.

Jon must be working alot to be paying for these hospital bills and he always seems tired. He tries his best not to stress him out even more with questions.

hey, guys!! delirious turned down potentially winning lots of money to protect his identity.

hopefully now, everyone telling him it’s “so easy” to just “turn on the webcam” will finally realize that he is absolutely serious about keeping his identity secret.

the guy turned down a massive amount of money for privacy. stop being assholes by bombarding him for a reveal.

this has been a psa :)