Personally, the H2O tails are the better between H2O and Mako Mermaids.

I feel that the coloring is more realistic and better blended, and the fluke design is also more seamless and realistic looking. The Mako Mermaid tails look kind of blotchy and a tad unfinished, unlike the H2O tails. The MM ones are more colorful and use more variety supposedly to be more eye catching, but it just doesn’t look completely right.

Also, the H2O tails move better aesthetically in water. The Mako Mermaid ones tend to show the knees of the mer and can take away the illusion of a real tail. I think that these tails were made less thick to be more functional and easier to swim in, but the H2O tails look so amazing in the water. Like no knees can be seen and the whole lower half of the mermaids move like a perfect wave.

In conclusion, H2O rules over Mako Mermaids, though I might be biased because I grew up watching Rikki, Emma, and Cleo. I just wanted to rant/make my case about the tail authenticity, just because. I’m a lil salty about MM.

u kno what i love about delirious?? he’s so considerate about the games, like when he’s playing he always makes remarks like “oh man look at how cool this character is!! look how beautiful!!” or “wow! look at this map it’s so beautiful and creepy I love it!!!!” Like he doesn’t just play the game just to play, he also appreciates the game and respects the creators and it’s so sweet