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Is this fusion thing you draw only made to be sexualized?

hey-oh, first thing first, im just a fanartist who draw for fun. second, why so serious? and third, why I get all these funny weird questions ? ? ? ? lol I’m not even the original creator which is the wonderful @borurou​, BUT REGARDLESS:

Abt ur q… there are headcanons and I am sure borurou has a lot of those as well but u know life is priority, artists may not have the time to do legit back story… or maybe they just like drawing them, to express stuff. 

besides, what’s with the assumptions ? why the rush to judge ? Because, you know… 

but there are many stories abt him made by ppl, you can check @yoralim and @raintalker blog for a change, they made good stories about it. 

I am not that terribly invested to ‘defend’ anything, (as there’s nothing to defend lol) but imo nothing wrong with not liking the way things are done… but in terms of people liking maleskel characters in h0ttt way, as long as it doesn’t hurt anyone, why not let ppl have their harmless fun? and maybe

when throwing this type of question why not send the artist a private message first instead of sending an anon question. why not try that? always feel free if u have burning questions (even if I dont message back immediately)

ALSO : I use CLIP STUDIO PAINT for my recent doodles, it’s kinda amazing (for those who asked)