1. I was recently told I have “wizard hands” because of what I did with them (I’ll let you interpret that however you wish). So, good for my hands!
  2. I gave really good Christmas gifts this year. And not everyone has even received them yet! I’m partially pre-emptively proud of myself on those. 
  3. I always replace the toilet paper roll(s) in the bathroom. Even if they’re not completely spent, I will put the nearly-empty roll on the back of the toilet and put a new roll on the rack. Because I can.
  4. I finished a 1000 piece puzzle today despite my sisters and dad mostly giving up before even a quarter of it was completed. I persevered and got it done within 9 hours (working on and off), anyway.
  5. I smell nice almost all the time.


So I was tagged by @dustnthewnd, @h0thpotato, and @spacepotatoman for a selfie tag thing. I’m pretty sure it’s for selfies in 2015 but I don’t really care for my face too much prior to May so here are just some highlights.

So I’ll be tagging @geekyassassin OF COURSE and some other beautiful people @phannntasia @sith-lady @aristokate @raaanchl @kenobi-san @noxnoctem @jedibusiness @theysayilostmymind @deathstarwaltz (I think you did something like this already? Oh well you’re getting tagged anyways :P) and whoever else wants to do this go for it.

anonymous asked:

5, 6, 38, 46, 96, 121, 153

5:4 turn on’s.

At this point man I don’t fucking know.

6:4 turn off’s.


38:The reason I joined Tumblr.

This girl I hooked up with had one. lol

46:If I were drunk & can’t stand, who’s taking care of me?

No one, cause usually all of my friends would be in the same position. 

96:Bullied someone on the Internet?

Yeah I’m sure everyone has done so if talking shit counts. 

121:Lost my virginity before I was 18?

Nope. 19

153:My closest Tumblr friend.

@apros3xia @littlesully @captainpharah @mentethemage @h0thpotato  


I may not talk to them every day but I appreciate the hell out of them! Awesome peeps