h0ney dipped

pronouns: (xe/xir)

gonna post more pictures tomorrow, but here’s a throwback from a little while ago.

all of my beautiful genderqueer folk will shine today, im super excited! ☺️

also signal boosting that we are NOT to use any other tag but #tdov, #transdayofvisibility, #transvisibility today. not any tag that will interfere with #BlackOutDay. (aka #transtakeover)

be posting more later!


*anon voice*
“what have you been up to, bee?”

heh. a lot. quite a lot.
thanks for asking.
and i can’t sleep, so i might as well catch up to what’s been happening in the past.. what, two months? month? idfk.

just enjoy it or not, idc, i just wanted to finally post ‘em up.