pronouns: (xe/xir)

gonna post more pictures tomorrow, but here’s a throwback from a little while ago.

all of my beautiful genderqueer folk will shine today, im super excited! ☺️

also signal boosting that we are NOT to use any other tag but #tdov, #transdayofvisibility, #transvisibility today. not any tag that will interfere with #BlackOutDay. (aka #transtakeover)

be posting more later!

h0ney-moved  asked:

the more i think about it the more i want howard to be fed up with randys shit and randy slowly crack and the suit/nomicon slowly begin to fester and consume his grief

ok this gave me an idea that really has absolutely nothing to do with what you’re saying but

imagine something really huge happens between them, and like, randy uses the suit to calm himself down or whatever (like, putting it on and just going out and running across rooftops and hitting stuff and whatnot) and over time, the suit literally becomes a part of him.

and then going with the headcanon that the tengu sort of eats away at the energy of whoever’s wearing the suit over time, that (the suit becoming part of him) happens because the tengu is like, bonding with randy (i can’t think of a better word lmao, but more of a physical bonding?? though i guess it would be mental because the tengu’s kinda busy being trapped in a rock, but i don’t mean bonding like friendship yeah ok) and so as the suit becomes more and more a part of randy, so does the tengu, and the tengu kind of like starts to take control of randy whenever he uses the suit


*anon voice*
“what have you been up to, bee?”

heh. a lot. quite a lot.
thanks for asking.
and i can’t sleep, so i might as well catch up to what’s been happening in the past.. what, two months? month? idfk.

just enjoy it or not, idc, i just wanted to finally post ‘em up.