Cutesy Shorts

Recolored EA Shorts. :) Let me know if there are any problems!

Tag me if you use this in a photo! I will reblog it. Tag: sul–sul

========= INFO =========  

  • Bright Colors & Patterns
  • Found under ‘bottoms’
  • Teen - Elder

========= TERMS OF USE =========  

  • Don’t reupload
  • Don’t claim as your own
  • Credit if you recolor
  • Don’t upload to pay sites
  • Do not include in a CC folder download



I love both lol. I lean more on Season five though ngl. (HOT af)

 I just draw him in his lavender hoodie most of the time because it’s easier and I’m very used to it but I love his punk biker outfit and his messy hairstyle just as much. He has a versatile wardrobe and style! (One of the very few ygo characters with great taste in fashion). <3

okay but noNE of you know how fuckign PUMPED i am for nishinoya’s birthday i have literally been waiting for like a fucking YE A R for this shit i have so many photos of him i have so much to SA Y about him i love him so mucj i am so glad i got to be in the same era as nishinoya yuu i would like to thank not only god but jesus as well for this opportunity i am truly blessed i cannot wa i t until october i neED THIS