Hulk Love You (Bruce x Reader)

(f/n)-First Name

(The reader, you, has the ability to change into a creature similar to the hulk. You are also a scientist who created a serum that slows your heart rate so you can get angry without consequence.)

You were helping during a mission as some extra…muscle. You’d been working with her and were able to remember a great majority of the things that went on. Now was good because you could fight for good. Bruce was stuck behind the scenes because he didn’t have as much control as you did. A low purr left her throat as you thought of Bruce. For some reason she really liked him.

In your moment of distraction, a laser was fired at you. Instead of not fasting you like most weapons did, this one actually hurt…like hell. You let out a feral scream and were shot again. You stumbled a few times as you tried to walk away. They shot you one more time and, with a whimper, you went down. Bruce, who was seeing the footage, could not control his rage. He had just enough sanity to open the hatch to the quintet before hulking out completely.

A loud roar was heard throughout the battlefield. Tony looked towards the sound with wide eyes. “Code green everyone.” He called. Natasha had reached your side and saw that your eyes were barely opened and you were breathing deeply.

“Blue is down.” That caused shock to go through all of the avengers.

“How the hell did they get her down?” Clint asked in surprise.

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