I kind of like the implication that Aang went through this brief period of “Fuck the Fire Nation,” after finding out that his people had been massacred. 

The show doesn’t focus too much on Aang’s grief in Book 1, but I feel like this meshes well with my headcanon about Aang being reminded of Kuzon while talking to Katara in “The Storm,” which ultimately leads to him reminiscing about him in “The Blue Spirit.” 

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Jenna, I'm pretty confident johnlock kiss happened during those fireworks (Sherlock's mug in TLD is foreshadowing, I feel it.) Can you please write a ficlet about this? Thank you!

It’s over; it’s over; it’s over.

He keeps on repeating it in his mind, as his heart still hammers away, still frantic, still believing there is danger ahead even though it’s passed. 

Hands grip his forearms, keeping him upright. “Sherlock? Sherlock!”

Sherlock blinks and blinks and then he really looks. He sees John shaking in front of him, looking every bit as shocked as Sherlock feels. “You- you okay?” John asks. His voice is breathless and strained.

Sherlock breathes out. “Y-yeah I’m- I’m fine.” And that surprises him. “A-and you?” he says, raising his voice above the wail of police sirens. 

John laughs, and it sounds like a laugh that has crept up on him all at once, high-pitched and liberated, and Sherlock hasn’t heard anything like it in years. “Yeah- oh, Christ, Sherlock.”

They both have tears in their eyes, Sherlock knows, and he doesn’t care. It’s beautiful. 

Distantly, he hears Big Ben chime out the hour, and with each toll of the bell, he feels stronger. John is safe, they’re together, it’s going to be okay. He could run a marathon, climb a mountain, dance-

A spark of colour in his periphery vision, and John makes a half gasp, half laugh sort of noise, and Sherlock’s heart is singing.

John points. “Look.”

Sherlock does. He looks out across the Thames, and he sees a boat, setting off fireworks. A surprise for someone, he deduces. Birthday- no. Wedding? No. Ah! Engage-

John nudges him and Sherlock’s thoughts immediately break off. “Catherine wheels were always my favourite,” John says.

And it’s such an offhand, such a wonderfully John thing to say, that Sherlock is giggling at the wonder of it, and he turns, and marvels at the beauty of John’s face, lit up by the fireworks.

The police start filtering out of cars all around them. There will be questions soon but for now, there is this, just this. John and Sherlock keep their backs to the clamour around them, and just watch the fireworks.

“This is the most- the most ridiculous thing,” Sherlock says. He’s still giggling a little, but nerves are suddenly kicking in again, and he doesn’t quite know why.

John turns and looks at him. His gaze is abruptly serious, and he reaches up and places his hand on Sherlock’s cheek. Sherlock is not sure if either of them are breathing.

“Not… not the most ridiculous,” John whispers.

And, in the end, they both reach for each other, and they are kissing, and kissing, as the London sky is lit up with colours, celebrating this is us this is us, as Big Ben chimes out- they have all the time left in the world.