TJeff and Mads is my problematic OTP

This is a sketch that got way out of hand. I just wanted to draw Jefferson in sweats ;-;

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rules: pick songs that start with the letter it’s associated with. the songs don’t have to have a deep meaning for your character or even remind you of them, it’s just for fun!

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F. fuck you - lily allen
A. angel of the morning - juice newton
H. hips don’t lie - shakira
I. if i leave - a day to remember
M. man! i feel like a woman! - shania twain
A. angel of small death and the codeline scene - hozier

W. weightless - all time low
I. immortal - marina and the diamonds
N. new americana - halsey
O. old scars / future hearts - all time low
N. nobody asked (if i was okay) - sky ferreira
A. a part of me - neck deep

W. work - hozier
I. i just can’t wait to be king - lion king cast
L. love your friends, die laughing - man overboard
S. sex yeah - marina and the diamonds
O. ohio is for lovers - hawthorne heights
N. nothing lasts forever - natalia kills

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im 99% sure that hermann gets really existential at night like

usually hes out like a light when he decides to sleep but sometimes his minds still running when hes in bed yknow so i imagine that newton gets like random ass texts in the middle of the night like

“Newton, why do you think we are here? What is our purpose? Do we have one? Was the human race just an accident? Were we created with some intention in mind?”

“dude idfk go to SLEEP”

“But what happens when we’ve served our purpose? Where do we go? Does our world just die? Are the Kaiju the symbols of man’s usefulness drying up? Can we really defeat them, if so?”



Wrote a Newmann Snowpiercer au (contains spoilers for movie, may not make sense if you haven’t seen it) for geniusbee, who is wonderful. Not yet sure if I’ll be posting to ao3, but it’s here for those who wanna read. Now posted to ao3 as well!

aftermath of forced amputation, violence, disordered eating

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