i know im defending even a lot but like I can totally imagine him being really nervous to text isak so he was like, “ill text him nas, he knows how much i love nas, he will understand” cause lyrics is a thing they do ~ and for him to get that text back … ughajdbfbjdwiwjjw im worried i want to hug him poor baby like its not his fault he has this illness and he’s probably all sad and probably thinks he lost isak im gonna cry like he’s coming down from that high so he’s probably exhausted and probably at some hospital or something and i just i want to *grabs him* *cuddles him* i love you, you are so important, its not your fault.

After watching the new Christmas episode:

“What? Riley gave her up even though she honestly didn’t want to? It was difficult for her?”

Anyways can we just talk about the fact that even though Riley gave Maya up, she still told Auggie not to tell Maya that it was difficult for her. Like she was still going to hide her feelings. She’s such a precious smol bean protect her.

Practicing with a new brush in Photoshop.  Not super happy with the result, but I did have fun drawing it, so that’s all that matters.

I just started Seven’s route again, so I’m bracing myself for the heartbreak.

Also, here’s the video.  Music covers by the amazing @fluttershadowed  (Here’s their Youtube channel)