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You're not an apiarist, what do you know over actual beekeepers telling you that you're wrong?

Just to be clear, I’m not against apiarists; I’m against people who take honey from bees for their own personal gain. There are lots of reasons to give a home to bees, but there are no good reasons to take their honey and sell it. Even those who believe that beekeeping is perfectly ethical and is somehow helping wild bee populations aren’t brazen enough to claim that making a profit from selling what they produce is an essential part of keeping the species alive.

As an observer, what you have are two different groups, animal rights activists and apiarists, and they’re not making claims that are factually different, because apiarists generally admit that everything we’re saying goes on absolutely does happen. The only thing these two groups disagree on is that exploiting bees for profit is wrong. One of those groups has a vested financial interest in you believing that honey is totally ethical, the other does not. So which is more likely to be unbiased? Do you think I just one day decided to be against honey for the sheer sake of it? I used to enjoy my Honey Nut Cheerios as much as the next guy, but the reason I now don’t eat honey is because I did the research. I found out that the bees exploited for honey are non-native, not even endangered, are not the bees who pollinate the vast majority of crops, that they spread diseases to wild populations and compete for the same food sources. I found out what honey production involves, that it isn’t “saving the bees” and most importantly that honey just isn’t ours to take. So I stopped eating it, you should too.

Keep in mind, I make no money from this blog, I have no reason to lie to you, but you don’t even have to believ me, because the things I am saying are readily verifiable by any reliable source. You’ll notice that when these people argue against me, not one of them has ever tried to deny one of my factual claims, because they know full well that they’re true and can be proved. All they ever try to do is make vague claims about how bees love it when we invade their hive and steal their honey from them, and that if we didn’t take their “excess” honey they’d all somehow mysteriously die on the spot despite the fact that they managed perfectly fine for a few hundred million years before the honey industry started “helping” them.

You’re not dealing with different factual claims here where you can say “you’re wrong because these people are experts and you’re not”, you’re dealing with two sides who more or less agree on the facts, it’s just that one side has no issue with what is done to bees, and the other does. The fact that these people are apiarists doesn’t make their objections to my ethical stance any more convincing. Apiarists are not some moral authority, they’re just people who keep bees. You can choose to believe the honey industry if you want so that you can keep buying their product, but the least you should do is actually do the research for yourself rather than blindly trusting the people who make a profit out of your ignorance.

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