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H.E.L.L – Polar

First glimpse of no-nonsense POLAR’s debut album “Iron Lungs”. The brutal video made its debut on Front magazine’s website Thursday afternoon and has already racked up several thousand views. H.E.L.L demonstrates perfectly how much POLAR have grown since the “This Polar Noise” EP; this latest track is fantastic teaser for what promises to be a brilliant album.


Polar - H.E.L.L

anonymous asked:

Hi Josh - I no longer live in Boston (though I might again in the near future), and stumbled upon your site when a friend forwarded me your "Putting your foot down: Part I" posting. My question is whether there is a legal requirement to wear a helmet while riding on the roads (as opposed to, say, bike paths). Many states have helmet laws for motorcyclists, and while the speeds on a bicycle are lower, the danger remains. If there is no helmet law currently, would you support one? Thanks! -Dave

Hey Dave,

The helmet law in Massachusetts (MGL ch. 85 §11B) only mandates helmets for cyclists age 16 or younger. This applies everywhere bikes can be ridden.

As for whether I would support a law that requires everyone to wear a helmet when riding their bike, the answer is no. After a minor accident in college left me with a concussion and seven staples in the back of my head, I wear a helmet whenever I’m on a bike, without exception. And I think that everyone on a bike should do the same. However, a law mandating bike helmets is not the way to achieve that goal.

When I was a summer police officer on Nantucket many years ago, I was tasked with enforcing the town’s bike helmet law. I quickly realized that hassling tourists about something that didn’t directly endanger anyone but themselves was a waste of time. Like so many issues related to bike safety, the focus should be on education — not legislation (zing!).

Also, I fully support efforts to make it cheaper and easier for everyone to get themselves a helmet. Check out H.E.L.L. — they’re supported entirely by donations and provide a great service.