Fool's Gold (Chapter 19)

Pairings: Hollstein, Laferry, Zeta Society

Word count: 15,919

Summary: HSAU Chapter 19, or the one where Laura needs to girl the hell up.

[A/N: carmilla hsau will be co-written with felixdawkins. Track #carmilla hsaufor updates on the au and #hsau updates for chapter posts.

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Warnings: Drug Mention, Eating Disorder (Implied), Homophobic Slur

“Oh…kay.” Carmilla looks at her for a moment, “So what are we talking about that is so urgent?”

Laura lets out a hollow laugh, “‘So urgent’. Don’t mock the seriousness of this, Carmilla.”

Carmilla sighs and moves to sit on the end of the bed, “Okay, are you going to tell me what the fuck is going on or am I going to have to watch you flip your shit for the next ten minutes.”

Laura sneers, “Oh, I’m sorry - I forgot not everyone is as stoic and apathetic as you.”

She gulps as Carmilla gets to her feet and moves to stand in front of her, “What the fuck is wrong with you right now?”

“I’m worth something, Carmilla.”

Carmilla scrunches her face in confusion, “No one said you weren’t.”

“Then start treating me that way!”

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