Imagine sitting in your leather chair, twiddling your thumbs mindlessly as Winston drones on and on about Talon airship squads and classified information and blah blah blah. It feels like your brain itself is turning into mush, and you can barely keep yourself from getting up from your chair and running away to get some exercise. But, you know for certain that you’ll just get dragged back by Zarya or frozen in place by Mei, or gods forbid you’ll get a lengthy, even more mind-numbing lecture from Morrison.
You’re not quite scared of him, per say, though his appearance can be quite intimidating-it’s just that he’s such a ruthless hardass, especially towards you. Sometimes it feels like he singles you out intentionally, because he thinks he’s ‘teaching you a lesson’ or something. As you’re caught up in your own thoughts, you don’t notice that Winston has switched roles with said hardass-that is, until he interrupts to ask if you’re actually listening. There he goes again, with the stupid parental schtick.
“Whatever, dad-”
All of a sudden, the room goes silent. You didn’t mean to say that, you really didn’t, you were just preoccupied and oh gods now everyone’s staring-that is, until Soldier clears his throat.
“Y’know, it might help if you actually pay attention, kiddo. Now as I was saying..”
“H-Hey, shut up old man!”
A few select agents are giggling already, and you can see that damned glint in his eyes even behind the visor.
“Just try and behave, alright sunshine?”
Your anger is boiling over as the giggles turn to laughter.
“To hell with that! I’m gonna beat the crap out of you!”
Even the older members are trying to hide their laughter, and Morrison turns to finally put you in your place.
“Be good, and we’ll go out for ice cream after, punkin.”
And with that last annoying comment, you grab your weapon off the table and start firing wildly at Morrison, starting to chase him around the base like a roadrunner cartoon. And even after he escapes your grasp, he still occasionally calls you by pet names just to bother you, which is almost always reciprocated with an attempted kick to the shins.