h-e-r-e-after said: one of my favorite series ever omg but you have to read enders shadow series they’re better

it’s funny because my uncle always buys me random books so I had to check Ender’s Game out of the library but I own a copy of Ender’s Shadow 

ugh why did I get involved in another series

but ok I’ll definitely read it

( **& OUT OF MAGIC )

h-e-r-e-after said: do we need to do a collaborative tumblr voodoo on your teacher? cuz we’ll do it.

ah yes thank you for the offer

but unfortunately he’s actually really funny and he’s one of my favorite teachers

it’s just that I’m really annoyed with his judgement on this project because it’s one of those things where you get to choose what grade level you want and then only do the work up to there

but if you want an A you have to write the essay that’s extremely similar to the one due earlier in this week in Humanities (where he coordinated with the teacher on the Humanities assignment, so he knew exactly what we were doing) and OF COURSE all the kids in Humanities (which is offered as the advanced English class at my school) are going to want the A

so I’m just annoyed that he didn’t offer an alternative assignment for kids in Humanities because it’s redundant and a complete waste of my time to write a second essay on the same thing, since I’ve already proved in one class that I understand it

sorry I started rambling somewhere but I’m just ranting ugh

MIRIAM LUCIA VASQUEZ is a SEVENTEEN year old who is surviving ALONE. She comes from MONTGOMERY, ALABAMA and is known to be HELPFUL and RESOURCEFUL, as well as GULLIBLE and STUBBORN. She is said to look like SEYCHELLE GABRIEL.

L I F E   B E F O R E   T H E    O U T B R E A K

Miriam was in High school before the outbreak. She enjoyed drawing, playing video games, writing stories, and listening to music. She has a close relationship with her sister; and had a bit of a strange one with her boyfriend. They had yet to get past the “hugging” stage. She was not very athletic, but liked to pretend she was. 

L I F E   D U R I N G   T H E    O U T B R E A K

After escaping the house with her sister, they traveled to Texas in hopes of finding an open farm with lots of open space. When her group suspected her sister was bit, Miriam handle that possibility. She ran away to the north, where her friend Hickory had brought up the idea that they’d be slower in the colder atmosphere. She arrived alone. 

L I F E   A F T E R   T H E    O U T B R E A K

Miriam has gained muscle, energy, and bravery after so long in the apocalypse. She still enjoys listening to music when the radio plays something good; as well as drawing when she is able and making her mental map of the area around her base. After reconnecting with her sister, she feels much more at ease in the sense of togetherness. She does know, however that she now has that much more to lose and protect. She is, however, spending a little too much time focusing on the base and protecting those around her than her own personal health. She isn’t eating as much as she should be, and she will occasionally forget to take care of the injuries she gets.

MIRIAM VASQUEZ is played by ROSE. (-18 - she/her - EST)

✆ Davina→Marcel

                                                      …     Leave your message after the tone

— “Marcel,  W h e r e   a r e   y o u !?  Why is Klaus saying that city is his now and you’re nowhere to be found? … Look, consider us made up, okay. Just call me back, I’m getting tired of talking to your voicemail. Don’t even call, if you can just show up that would be great”

SIRENA ESTRELLA VASQUEZ  is a TWENTY-FIVE year old who is surviving ALONE. She comes from MONTGOMERY, ALABAMA and is known to be LOYAL and HOPEFUL, as well as LAZY and STUBBORN. She is said to look like JOSIE LOREN.

L I F E   B E F O R E   T H E    O U T B R E A K

Sirena worked as a baker before the apocalypse. She enjoyed making sweets for her family, listening to music, and daydreaming. She has a close relationship with her sister, but no real connections with anyone outside of her family. Even then; it was pretty much just her sister that she wanted to talk to. She was a little overweight, and it was something she often complained about.

L I F E   D U R I N G   T H E    O U T B R E A K

After her sister left the group; Hickory mentioned that she had planned to head north. Sirena followed after her, hoping that she might somehow find her. She arrived alone.

L I F E   A F T E R   T H E    O U T B R E A K

Sirena is now staying in her sister’s developing base; helping her set everything up to be truly secure. She is a lot braver, stronger, and a lot more fit than she was before the outbreak. She enjoys helping out around the base, but she especially enjoys spending time with Elijah. She is scared to be close to him, but if she ever sees him show signs of interest in her; then she’d be willing to try. She is handling the whole apocalypse situation a lot better now; especially since she’s found her sister and someone she might want to be close to. 

SIRENA VASQUEZ is played by ROSE. (-18 - she/her - EST)