“365 Fresh” by Triple H (HyunA, Hui & Hyojong)

Upbeat song in a dark story. Honestly, I like this story. It should be a movie. You got a thief,

a self-defense accidental killing,

and a suicidal.

They become fast friends.

Luck out,

and turn up.

And, of course, you can’t do without a love story.

It’s all fun and games until their luck runs out.

So they make their night count.

Make it count until the very end.


Group: subunit Triple H of Cube Entertainment.
Members: (in order of post) Hui (Pentagon), HyunA, and HyoJong (E’Dawn, Pentagon).

On May 1st they released their first EP, 199X, along with their music video “365 Fresh.”

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[FANACCOUNT] 170506 TRIPLE H 1st Music Core

- CUBE finaly doing something right, we got a sticker calendar. 

- They gave out free masks! 

- Hui lost both of his shoes on the first take.

- HyunA laughed so hard during the take because Hui lost his shoes.

- Kino, Shinwon, Wooseok, Yeo One, Yuto all came out to support their first broadcast.

- The dance is so cool but there is a lot of Hyojong and HyunA touchy so fans get ready.

- Hyojong tripped on HyunA at one point but checked to see if she was ok.

- Hui talked to fans before the takes.

- Hyojong shyly greeted fans but also had the most people screaming for him.

- Ok so awkward story time. I was ushered down the stairs to the pit and I said “hi” to Kino and he waved back at me. Then the staff was like “no you can’t enter, go back up and around” so I did, having to walk by all the other boys. Then I had to walk down again.  Past all of them once I got up.

- PENTAGON boys were screaming at Hui and Hyojong, trying to get their attention like the fans were. They even stood up and waved.

Source: pentafun


[The Triple H album] was an album where everything was a challenge. We showed the 90s, and also showed youth. It doesn’t fit all genres because we wanted to show a challenge, but it’s a sincere album. I think what the public thinks about the album is right. I honestly don’t understand when people say albums are disappointing. I never know if people will like my albums. I think people like it when I do what I like. - Hyuna, Triple H