many many family of love headcanons

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Sapphire was very perceptive as a child and the Dean of Ocean Town liked to take advantage of this and ask her what pranks were being planned or pulled around school.

Ruby likes to joke that the only hetero thing about their family is Garnet’s heterochromia.

Ygritte can’t stand it when people make unauthorized calls to the office. Like she totally flips out in a very unprofessional way.

Sapphire’s hit single was called “Have a Little Patience with Me.” Ruby won the Fury title and was the first black woman to do so.

Garnet likes frosting. A lot.

Buck Dewey made Garnet a T-shirt that said GARNET WINS in huge bold letters and Garnet wears it whenever she goes to Funland with Steven. When she wins, she doesn’t even have to ask for the stuffed animal. She only has to point to her shirt.

Sapphire is rather fond of both butterflies and frogs. She likes the way their names sound in French: papillon et grenouille. Ruby sometimes calls Sapphire mariposa.

The family of love are massive, massive dorks and love Portal, Undertale and the Stanley Parable. One Halloween Garnet went as a companion cube.

Ruby’s family reunions can be a bit alienating for Sapphire as Ruby has such a huge boisterous family with all the shouting in Spanish and whatnot. Sapphire’s family reunions, however, are normally so boring that Ruby brings books, toys and video games galore for Garnet to endure them. Garnet always does.

Beach City has a huge pride festival each year with LGBTQIA+ all represented. Ruby and Sapphire have happily helped build the floats each year.

Sapphire has really cold feet at night but Ruby is like a human furnace.



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