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How about humans busting out expressions like, "oh my god I'm dying over here", or "four days in the shuttle? I'm gonna diiieeee.", and the poor aliens just freaking out? (And slowly growing to hate the concept of hyperbole.)



Checklist H.85

  1. Can you see actual manifestation of related danger?
    1. E.g. Flames, engaged or discharged weapons, etc.
  2. Does the human present features of distress?
    1. Refer to Pamphlet H.14 “Human Physical Expressions” and Pamphlet H.15 “Human Voice Modulation”
  3. Are other humans, especially humans-from-same-cultures, alarmed?
  4. Does the statement match any known physically- or mentally-detrimental causes?
    1. Refer to Pamphlet H.34 “Basic Human Health”
  5. Does the individual human have a history of similar socially-acceptable-untruths?

If one or more answers is AFFIRMATIVE, proceed to Checklist H.86.

{— shadowhunter essentials gif hunt —}

Under the cut, you will find #151 miscellaneous gifs associated with the half-human, half-angel Shadowhunters race. This gif hunt includes gifs of their general appearance, weapons, runes, fighting gifs, etc. Some gifs are faceless, though not all of them. I apologize for any possible repeats. None of these gifs are mine but feel free to message me if you want your gifs to be removed. I will make more of these hunts if you guys appreciate them. Please like and/or reblog if you found this useful!

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H x H reaction episode 34

And with this one I’m caught up for the two days I’ve missed ~

Nice Danganronpa reference.

On another note, I don’t get how it’s a surprise that Killua is that good or that he didn’t do a background check on him. Yes, he is a child, but he is a child who managed to go to the 200th floor super fast, which makes him arguably more impressive than an adult doing the same feat.

It’s just… man, these guys are idiots.

Is it worth it, though ? I can understand someone who is really into fighting and looking for competition to be interested in being a Floor Master, but you seem so desperate to avoid facing a strong adversary that you blackmailed a kid into fighting you.

Becoming a Floor Master pretty much means spending his whole life fighting right ?

Killua is such smartass, I love him. I’m glad he has a more active role with these last two episodes. I do realize he is trying to not make any wave and justs wants to enjoy the ride and to stay with Gon, but he is so extra whenever he moves.

Oh, god. I have almost forgotten how annoying the commentary could be. But I’m actually glad to see Gon with his fishing pole ! Makes me think he has a plan ~

OR he brought it for the aesthetic ?

Can I also say that the MUSIC IS SUPER COOL.

Wwwwwoowww, is it the first time we see him throw a punch ? Because that’s something.

Gon is me, though. If this cheap Oogie Boogie still breathes in Zushi’s general direction, I’m going to go through the screen to throw him by a window, and he’ll enjoy each of the 200 floor he climbed up.

Also called the smaller apes or lesser apes, gibbons differ from great apes (chimpanzees, bonobos, gorillas, orangutans, and humans) in being smaller, exhibiting low sexual dimorphism, and not making nests. In certain anatomical details, they superficially more closely resemble monkeys than great apes do, but like all apes, gibbons are tailless. Gibbons also display pair-bonding, maintaining the same mate for life, unlike most of the great apes (this has been disputed by Palombit and others, who have found that gibbons might be socially monogamous, with occasional “divorce”, but not sexually monogamous). Gibbons are masters of their primary mode of locomotion, brachiation, swinging from branch to branch for distances up to 15 m (50 ft), at speeds as high as 55 km/h (34 mph). They can also make leaps up to 8 m (26 ft), and walk bipedally with their arms raised for balance. They are the fastest and most agile of all tree-dwelling, nonflying mammals

H x H reaction episode 34

Zushi is

a) me

b) the cutest, as always !

He is so done with everything, this is both sad and hilarious. Get this boy some holidays in a tropical island where he can enjoy life, please ( Zushi, Canary, Gon, Kura and Leo can come too )

This is fucking stupid, and I don’t think I need to explain why. It’s not a question of training, you can’t resist this as sure as you can’t resist a 200°C temperature.  Or this guy’s electricity doesn’t hold any amp, which is stupid.

Also, maybe Gon shouldn’t smile at his friend being fried alive, just saying ~

Shut up Killua, urgh. I remember stuff from the first anime, so maybe that’ll be explained better than ‘oh I was tortured so now I’m basically invincible’, but yeah. Not impressed. Your body is still 70% water no matter the torture you went under.

Meanwhile, Hisoka is living the Stalker life…

… and Gon decided to let his inner May 68′s persona comes out. Great for you Gon ! Equality for everyone, and down with the police <3

Did Gon just break this guy’s wrists ???? Savage.

My reaction :

Gon is weird sometimes. Pretending that you are going to shock someone to death is like… not a nice thing ?

So I guess Hisoka  really dig Gon’s cruel side and is okay to battle him. I feel like it makes sense that Gon would manage to punch him in the face, just to prove that he progressed, but we’ll see ~

This is for halfdemons, who asked about my acrobat!au. I’m sorry It took me a few days to answer but I had to think well about the storyline before i could reply, I hope it’s alright ^^’

I’ll leave the reply below the cut because to me this looks huge xD. I know you only asked for tid-bits but I decided to tell the whole story ^^’

I may change a few bits here and there, but for now this is how the story is.

Plz ignore the most likely messed up timeline *sweat drops*

Also, I’m glad to know you love my acrobat!Au darling! *hugs you tight*

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Can you expand a little bit more about non-Christians going to heaven? I've never heard of this belief and I'm curious since I've always been taught that you need to belive in Jesus and repent to go to heaven. Sorry if this sounds kinda rude.

For the first 500 years of Christianity, “universal salvation” was a predominant understanding. In fact, the early church father Origen (born in 185!) wrote that in the end, God’s love is so complete and irresistible that even Satan would abandon “Hell” to join God in paradise. 

There is a clear universalist message throughout many of Jesus’s teachings:

The Parable of the Lost Sheep (Matt 18:12-13; Lk 15:4-6), The Workers in the Vineyard (Matt 20:1-15), The Parable of the Lost Coin (Lk 15:8-9), and the Parable of the Prodigal Son (Lk 15:11-32)

And that Hell is not a permanent destination: Settle with Your Opponent (Matt 5:25-26; Lk 12:58-59), the Parable of the Wicked Servant (Matt 18:23-34)

(h/t to Ken R. Vincent for those citations)

Jesus even calls into question the notion of Heaven as a place or destination:

“The coming of the kingdom of God is not something that can be observed, nor will people say, ‘Here it is,’ or ‘There it is,’ because the kingdom of God is in your midst.”

Luke 17:20-21

Which is all to say: Jesus is someone who upset both the political and the religious order of his day. Time and time again he—and his earliest followers—threw out divisions (circumcised v uncircumcised, Jew v Greek) and judgements (let the one without sin cast the first stone).

We try—best as we can—to stick to the priorities of God that we see reflected throughout the Hebrew and Christian Scriptures—justice, love, mercy, and an ever-widening circle of grace. Telling someone else that (we think) they’re damned to eternal torture because they don’t mentally assent to some modern “belief” about the specifics of who Jesus was just doesn’t seem to fit with that to us.