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what do you think was Louis’ reaction when Harry told him he has gray hair? 

Harry was laying on their couch with Louis between his opened legs, the Tv was on left unwatched with the sound low playing some old re-runs of friends. 

None of them was paying attention though, Harry too busy playing with Louis’ hair leaving soft kisses on the top of Louis’ head. Louis was super comfortable cuddled up on Harry’s chest legs entwined having his hair played with. 

Then Harry noticed them, littered ll over Louis’ left side of his head. little gray hair popped so shyly between his usual shiny brown ones. it made him giggle stopping his motions earning a grumpy whine from Louis.

he kept giggling now tracing the small little gray hair Louis didn’t know he was sporting.

“what is so amusing Harold, I know you’re not actually watching the show” Louis asked a bit annoyed now sitting up on Harry’s chest.

“Nothing” he giggled again “ It’s just you have gray hair on the side of your head”

“it’s not funny Harry.” Louis replied rolling his eyes “and I do not” 

“you actually do” 

at that Louis jumped from his positing and ran to the hallway mirror so he could check for himself. and he saw them, little gray hair peeking out on the left side of his head. well he panicked, he is only 25 why would he have gray hair?

Harry came after him still amused with the whole situation.

“Come on old man, let’s go it’s bed time we don’t want you turning gray before you turn 30″


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