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It's typically tedious and heavy handed to get these oh-so-spontaneous on the road photos of Harry with his band when he was carefully not seen at all with 1d for several years before they broke up. And during large parts of OTRA, had Jeff stapled to his ass instead.

H’s being with his band is the most innocuous story he can tell. There’s always going to be a story when Harry is publicly seen anywhere, with anyone, such is his star power.

I’m laughing because my expectations are at such a low point. Serial-killer-obsessed-girlfriend-with-a-large-handbag? Sure, why not. Dedicating an album to a woman who once publicly ostracized your sister on her 16th birthday and who called your best mate slow? Yeah, okay.

H and L aren’t stunting and I’m happy for them. H is with professional musicians, most of whom have experience performing, and he has to spend a lot of time with them… so it’s good that they like each other. He looks happy. I don’t blame him.

I want to see Louis around musicians though. He’s making an album, isn’t he? Has a single coming out? I want to see his band, his writers, his producers. I want to see him in the studio, with behind-the-scenes footage of his creative process. I want to hear him talk uninterrupted for 15 or 20 minutes about songwriting, memories, life. Where is this footage, LTHQ? I’ve seen enough demand on my dash to know there are many fans waiting for solo Louis. Where is the promo for the next single? @Louis has dropped some clips and tweets but never followed up. We might be resigned to low expectations, but you know, a sign of proper promotion would bring the fandom to life.

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Wait is Alex not in H's band anymore? He hasn't been playing with him.

I don’t think he plays with them anymore.  He’s a music producer and is probably super busy with a lot of other things.  I don’t think they really need that many guitars anyways.  He so cute though.