Liam started crying tonight before bed because he misses me and just wanted to snuggle for a bit.

Broke my freaking heart.

Rory got his teeth brushed and I snuggled him to sleep in bed.

I know my schedule is hectic and it kills me that he’s struggling with it.

Between cleaning the ballet studio and H&R Block I’m working 30+ hours a week, and then you add in the normal shuttling of kids to their activities, trying to make time for the gym….

I’m so thankful I have the opportunities I do but I’m also glad that they’re seasonal and that I know when the crazy ends.

It’s Tax Day! Let Jon Hamm Get You Over the Final Hump
Let Jon Hamm help get you through tax day. (YouTube)

Those Mercedes-Benz ads weren’t enough! Jon Hamm recently became the H&R Block spokesperson and — with mere hours to go before taxes need to be filed — which other celebrity would we look to as we enter the final push? (Certainly none of these clowns.)

Looking through his commercials for the company, we realized that the Mad Men alum’s crazy faces in his ads for the company can pretty much sum up where we all are in the filing process.

You’re done and you get a refund. Life is good.

Jon Hamm indulges in a doughnut. (GIF: YouTube)

You’re done, but you owe. Huh.

Jon Hamm gives the perfect, painful reaction to what it’s like finding out you owe Uncle Sam. (GIF: YouTube)

You’re waiting for your tax preparer to finish up. And sweating it out.

Jon Hamm is feeling a little anxious. (GIF: YouTube)

You’re doing them yourself. Good luck, buddy.

Jon Hamm knows it can sometimes be a bit overwhelming doing your taxes yourself. (GIF: YouTube)

You’re doing them yourself AND you’re missing a form. Can I get a break here?

Can someone please help Jon Hamm? (GIF: YouTube)

You filed an extension. You’re just delaying the inevitable.

Why file today, when you can file several months down the road? wonders Jon Hamm. (GIF: YouTube)

You aren’t doing them. Better think twice about that one.

Jon Hamm is too busy to do taxes! (GIF: YouTube)

Good luck, friends. Get it done. And whatever you do, don’t end up like these celebrities:

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