“Terrorists, murderers, a death squad… or freedom fighters in an uneven battle, noble in their suffering. It all depends on your point of view. One thing is sure: elves are the best archers who have ever walked this earth.”


We got our burger fix today at Capella’s The Grill Room - chef Frank Ruta is as legendary as the Palena days! The duck egg is still my favorite. Thanks Leticia for snapping these after food coma!

Emilio Pucci blouse // H&M skirt // Chanel In the Business bag // Christian Louboutin Pigalle 100 pumps // Ksubi eyewear // Cheap Monday earrings

Been talkin about a bit of a tattoo shop/artist au with gavsmogar in which Geoff, Griffon and Gavin owns a tattoo parlor and in which Gavin always gets weird looks for not having any apparent tattoos all the time (only because they’re hidden )

t-w-a-m-p asked:

hugh dancy didn't get the fucking memo, the whole of season one was a huge date complete with a romantic breakfasts, desserts, coffee and dinner.

Hugh Dancy is so old fashion. It’s like he doesn’t even think force feeding your suitor the ear of your adopted daughter counts as a romantic overture or something. Like. WTF. It’s the 21st century, grandpa. 

Imagine Chanyeol trying to teach himself to skateboard after seeing a bunch of kids at the local park doing some cool moves in the air. He gets as far as standing on the board and pushing himself forward with one foot. Grinning as he skates past the other members along the sidewalk, he attempts a charismatic wink at Kyungsoo. Except he, more accurately, blinks with both eyes because  his left eye just won’t cooperate. And also, he ends up tripping off his skateboard because both his eyes are closed and he loses balance.

As the members including Kyungsoo guwaff and pass him with amused sneers, Chanyeol shakes a fist at the darn skateboard.

“I thought you were cool,” he hisses to the inanimate object.