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Future - H&M
Sean Combs - RICK OWENS
A$AP Rocky and Ashton Sanders - CALVIN KLEIN by Appointment
Wiz Khalifa - THOM BROWNE
Michael B. Jordan - RALPH LAUREN
Rami Malek - DIOR HOMME

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Dude where's a good place to get a prom tux for this gay???

  • If you don’t wanna break the bank H&M has suits for cheap.
  • Macy’s & Nordstrom is pretty good.
  • Wildfang has really dope suits not too bad in pricing!
  • Brook’s Brothers has incredible suits, but is pricey. So if you want a suit to get a lot of use out of that’s that place to buy.
  • Also I know Asos & Express also have good suits!

Let me know how suit shopping goes! -Gabby

another anon added Zara is great as well!

Gullruten 2017 Red Carpet - Henrik og Tarjei interview translation

-Interviewer: how is it to be here today?

-Tarjei: it is exciting! 

-Henrik: very cozy (koselig)

-Interviewer: how has it been portraying Isak and Even?

-Tarjei: very fun, certainly the most entertaining character i have ever portrayed

(Henrik agres)

-Interviewer: how has it been to be in a tv-series, that people care imensely about, and that has received attention not only in Norway but also worldwide?

-Henrik: Like, you cannot care too much, because what you do on screen is portraying a character. You certainly feel that people care about what we do otherwise, you know. 

-Interviewer: I really care, i am very curious! 

-Henrik: I know (laughs)

-Interviewer: Tarjei you are one of the skam stars who aren’t on social media, and is more of a private type. How has it been for you? (referring to the attention)

-Tarjei: I have just been going to work, to do acting, which i love! So that has been a lot of fun. 

-Interviewer: Has it been a deliberate choice to shield yourself for your season?

-Tarjei: Yes

-Interviewer: Why?

-Tarjei: Because i have fun on my own

-Interviewer: How many instagram followers do you think missed? You would surely have like a million. 

-Tarjei: Yeah it sure could have been, that’s not so bad. (laughs)

-Interviewer: When i look at you i want to date both of you. You two had to hook up and do all sorts of things. How has it been to act as boyfriends? 

-Tarjei: It has been great (koselig)

-Henrik: I think, since we did it together and had a good chemistry, it became a comfortable thing instead of being intimidating. It made it easier to dare and venture into, because it isn’t really a intimidating thing to kiss a guy. 

-Tarjei: It’s really the same as kissing a girl

-Henrik: just with a little stubble. (They both laugh)

-Tarjei: And it is not a challenge to act in love with the character Henrik portrays.

-Interviewer: I dreamt i kissed Henrik in a bathroom. 

-Tarjei: I probably did too. 

-Interviewer: How is it to kiss Henrik:

-Tarjei: Very great. 

-Interviewer: How is it to kiss Tarjei:

-Henrik: He is very skilled, i dont know where he get’s his training. 

-Interviewer: You have kissed a lot in your season.

-Henrik: Yeah it was a part of the job to kiss. 

-Tarjei: Yeah it’s a part of the job now to kiss (i couldn’t really hear what he said)

-Interviewer: I would like to say thank you for the effort you put into your performance, it has been super important for a lot people. You are nominated today, what to you think your chances are? 

-Tarjei: (something along the lines of not wanting to speculate, i guess he says)

-Henrik: I dont think we dare to think about winning. 

(Tarjei leaves)

-Interviewer: ask Henrik what he’s wearing

-Henrik: H&M

-Interviewer: Wow you’re so handsome, that you suit H&M so well.

-Henrik: Thanks

-Interviewer: What expectation to you have for tonights party?

-Henrik: I have never been to Gullruten, actually not many celebrity parties at all, so i’m just gonna have fun with the boys. 


Houndstooth on houndstooth.

Suit: H&M - $40 on clearance

Shirt: J.Crew Factory - $17.50 on clearance

Pocket square: Handmade from a tie - $2 thrifted

Shoes: Hawthorne Classics - $9 used on shopgoodwill.com

Shitty lighting but MashAllah my fit was so fresh for my sisters valima. Olive green H&M suit with matching carpet furniture tie from f21 and Nike shoes


Dapper in dogstooth.

Suit: H&M - $58 on clearance
Shirt: Express - $30 on sale
Tie: Asos - $7 on clearance
Pocket square: Handmade from a tie - $2 thrifted
Shoes: Cole Haan - $42 on clearance


Hi everyone, I uploaded a new video up on my channel! I finally filmed another episode of Harry’s Finds! Today we will be talking about H&M suits and how to rock a suit off the rack. 

I will be going into detail about tailoring and what I did to make my suit feel as comfortable as I could on my small frame. Suits are such an important piece for any wardrobe. Whether you have an interview, wedding, or event everyone deserves to feel confident and handsome! Here are some of my tips on finding that perfect fit.

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Umm how is it that Henrik can wear a freaking H&M suit that costs like 100 dollars and make it look like a tailor made 10000 dollar suit. Seriously the guy is a fucking GOD!!!

same? I thought he was kidding at first when he said it was h&m

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I don't get why everyone's talking about the h&m suit thing??It seems like an inside joke that I don't understand lmao explain pls

ppl were expecting a really expensive brand name but he just ,,,, “its h&m:-)”

December 31st, 2014. Black faux-leather pants, black waist coat, and silver tie from H&M, white button up shirt from Target, maroon bootie wedges form Forever 21, Stella Artois from the liquor store down the street.

ok so i FINALLY found the l.a. spanish voice cast of Rebels and Ezra is voiced by a guy called Memo Aponte

so not only is Ezra voiced by Nemo (from FN), Cody Martin (from Suite Life), Phineas Flynn, and Edmund Pevensie (from Narnia)

H I R O  H A M A D A