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got a new haircut and feelin good ✌ (they/them)

the windbreaker I got from @shoptrashqueen came in today, so good! and my favorite sweatshirt, designed by @slugspoon !

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^^I’m not gonna tag anyone again :|

I was tagged by @wiishuswarriors Thank you for tagging me (u lil’ shit)!

(user)names: @thedarkmanipulator​ is my Dark RP blog, @jojosmile​ for future stuff, @warfstache-official​ my (currently) inactive Wilford RP blog

(user) Nicknames: Jojo, Jenni, Jen Jen, Big J

Gender: Female

Hight: 5′4″ (f i h t m e²)

Star Sign: Aquarius

Sexuality: Straight

Dream Trip: First America, then Japan!

Average Hours of Sleep: 4 (Average)

Why I Made a Tumblr: why does anybody create one

Dogs or Cats: y e s

Followers: 209

Reason Behind URL: I is da queen of da m e m e s m’ m8.

I tag: my enourmous dong