h&m oxford

God Only Knows

I just had a look at the BBC’s “God Only Knows” ad. It’s a nice bit of spectacle, certainly proof that in terms of corporate branding and ambition the Beeb can slug it out with other attention-getting ads - it’s like a mash-up of a John Lewis Christmas number with a Nike World Cup sleb-fest. Those are the grounds it’s competing on - well, those and the memory of the 1997 “Perfect Day” extravaganza, which pulled the same one-line-per-star trick. That was a surprise and welcome intervention, a sense of the Corporation using the techniques of charity records to stand up for itself as a public good at the end of a rough decade of Tory rule. “God Only Knows”, full of all the overripe fantasy digital editing permits, feels rather different - more like a chance for the BBC to prove that it can use its money to act as a facsimile (in marketing terms) of a corporate entity.

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